Lunch with Kouchner

In his speech, he started out by charming all of us by telling us that our opinions and point of view really matters for the future of our world.

He went on to talk about the project for doctors without boarders. He said back in the 60's doctors were not allowed to cross boarders to help another country. He said that it was through the women, who sent out the call on behalf of the suffering of their children. It motivated them to raise their voices to be heard and finally led them to change the laws.

He talked about in china, how we did not get involved. And how the help they gave, it was totally illegal to step in. He talked about how in vietnam it was totally illegal to throw the boat people a bouy. It was actually legal to hunt down these people. The situation is not black and white. Situations needed to be backed up by policies and laws.

Womens Forum - great Decor


One of the main things i've heard all evening is how the ambience of the womens forum is really elegant and beautiful. It's all in the details actually. From the moving colored projections on the walls (that have changed every day), to the layout of the rooms, to the variety in food, to the star studded wall, to the lovely lanterns hanging from the ceiling. One can really see that there is a womans touch.