i understand now why one should host one's own blog...because by being with one of the top 3, you may get messed up down the line in China. i mean, is china not an important market for sixapart? why have they not thought about this problem before? is there no way to technically route the blogs through proxy servers or fly to china and talk to the government like Google did, and work out a deal?

why should i be punished
and lumped in with ALL THE TYPEPAD BLOGS? why is my  fashion community penalized? Why am i penalized from expanding my network in China, on the top blogging platform in the world? Do the Chinese fashion bloggers not deserve top technology? Because i chose a platform that is technically excellent, and world leader in that space--but hosts a lot of blogs that are controversial in other countries- i am blocked along with them. filter those guys out, not me! my people are PROFESSIONALS. we are a step above the rest! we are the long tail of fashion...supporting the little guys, the unknowns, of which there are a lot in China! it is hurting my business! no one here can see my blog in the fashion industry. i can't blog! i can't comment on my 360Fashion blogs because proxy server doesn't have javascript enabled and so with the CAPTCHA i can't leave a comment!

thank god i didn't follow Marc canter's advice and move my entire site to typepad. thank god i kept my own servers and my own domain so at least the Chinese can see i have a website.

i agree with Dan Dennet who spoke at TED last year, (watch the video excerpt). He said in a nutshell, why should the west always impose it's laws and values on other cultures? "We have an immunity to all of the junk that lies around the edges of our culture. . ." dan dennet. i can understand Google and why they have agreed to comply with the filtering. who is to say that the whole planet is ready for the transparency that the west has? AND do we even have transparency? does it stop America search engines from sharing private information with it's own government? now we are going to have RFID ID chips if you are an American to track you by the government. what freedom is that? freedom only exists in the mind, in our hearts, and in our actions. the actions and mind and heart can all have repercussions.

in any case, i really don't understand why there's no solution for me and the 360Fashion Network to have exposure in china? am i to mirror all the blogs on the sina blogs because sixapart is unable to do anything to work it out with the Chinese government? i be loic le meur, if he were still around would get on a plane and go talk to someone over in China to get at least the blogs that don't have anything to filter out, exposed! am i going to have to do this all by myself? or do i have to leave my beloved typepad because otherwise i miss out on 1.8 billion people who could know who i am? i love typepad. it's the top blogging service around and i don't really want to go anywhere else, but if my business is now moving to China, i may be forced to decide. i don't like decisions like that. i like my cake and to eat it too.

loic...can't you do something about this situation? then again, loic's blog is blocked maybe no one ever heard about him over in China and he has no clout.
is there no super genius techo out there who can come up with some solution that will allow the Chinese to read my blog? surely there must be a way to automate the process. surely if sixapart would jet on over here and talk with some people, get some guanxi going on, and good will filtering, my blog and the other 360Fashion blogs wouldn't be penalized. then too, i could continue to set up my 360Fashion blogs on the top blogging service in the world.  However, at this rate, at least over here in china, i may have to change platforms so that the Chinese fashion pro's can blog...that bums me out. i love typepad.


If you are wondering why i have multi posts on my blog it's because i'm mobile now. I'm blind to the web in every way and i can only rely on what my phone tells me, and when i try to post, it says it did not go up. So i post again. Now typepad say it's not their fault, but then why does my phone tell me so? Why did then the makers of my phone not give a bigger vocabulary to my phone, so that instead of lying to me and saying it's the server's fault, why does it not speak the truth? Why does it not say it's the cellular network's fault? Why does it not say what on the server is giving an error? Why am i the customer, left to hear from typepad that it's not their fault, and they blame it on the connection, and my phone says it's their fault. The end result is the same, who ever you want to blame, i've got 8 posts on my blog and everyone telling me it looks ugly. Well, it's not something i can fix when mobile. This exact problem goes in fits and spurts. It comes and then goes. I hope the problem will go away again soon.

typepad is down


TypePad is currently unavailable for maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience. During this time, your weblog is available for reading and viewing, but you won't be able to log in to TypePad to post, and visitors will not be able to comment on weblogs.

typepad is down

typepad is down

typepad is down

typepad is down

There is some major problem right now with all my typepad accounts. I keep getting "web server error" whenever i want to post. Typepad say it's not them but my lifeblog says so and i can go on the wap so it's not sfr. It's so frustrating when tech stuff is not working for you and the customer service people can not reproduce the same problem. Then it makes it hard for them to help you. And today i am making such beautiful beautiful photos. . . And today and tomorrow are the tour de france. Everything is blocked. We shall overcome. I hope this email gets to the server!