Sign Language (ASL) videos for every baby toddler and child!

yes, well, there is not even a category in my list to cover this topic which is good for all the mother bloggers out there, but i have always been interested in sign launguage. i studied it and learned it in junior high on my own.

i still remember a lot of it, but i am sure the language has evolved and i would like to start learning it again. my main motivation came when my brother spontaneously sent me a video of his wife and kids walking for the first time and i noticed that his youngest son, who doesnt speak yet, was signing with his mom! so i asked my bro's wife to speak a little to me about it and she said that it was great. her kids didnt cry very much and were really happy because they were able to express themselves before they could talk. they could ask for what they wanted and could communicate! fascinating stuff.

so i thought about blogher and how there is so little news out there on the web for mothers--i mean if you are young and you have no family and you are going to have a kid (dont worry it's not me thinking this) where do you turn? this was a big topic at blogher. like, "where are all the women on the web"? "momy bloggers" wasnt a very glamorous subject, i think they need a higher class name than that, but i did see lots of value in having these women who were willing to talk about child raising be available for commentary to other women.

operator portals are primarily male dominated, totally lacking female content. i wish i could be in a position to change that. i would like to create a women's space on the wap and to have little videos like these sign language videos to download etc. it would be a very descreet way for pregnant teens to get info, for young mothers to get info, etc. rather than the traditional book senario.

when i was in highschool, i think i was one of the only girls that i knew who avoided getting pregnant and either 1. having the baby or 2. having an abortion. i am deathly afriad of both of those senario's so i did my utmost to avoid them and instead gave support to my friends who were having these situations. i saw how hard it was for them, how alone they were, etc. and how uncool it was to go to some pre-teen natal class. if they would have had their cellphones, the gprs connections, and all the information on the wap, they could have really done a lot of research easily to help them make decisions.

i so want to change these things, but i am only one human being and i cant recode the whole universe, let alone i have not found the doorway into the operator's den. so i just decided to put it out there today cuz i found it really fascinating information. we were all at one time or another little human beings who didnt know how to move in this world. and now look? i can walk all over this planet and talk to anyone.

Signing Time - American Sign Language (ASL) videos for every baby toddler and child!.

Sign language opens up a world of communication for pre-verbal infants, toddlers, and children with special needs - all of whom may be able to hear, but may not yet be able to communicate with speech.

Parents, preschool teachers, speech-language pathologists and pediatricians everywhere recommend Signing Time as the best sign language video series for young children. Signing Time makes ASL fun for everyone!

how blogging changed my life (FOR BLOGHER TECHNORATI CONTEST)

How has blogging changed your life? Did it lead to a new job, new friends, a new life?

I started blogging in 2002 after I had built my first version of my website in html. My site was nothing like it is now, but it was a good first experiment in html/javascript coding. I stumbled upon blogging somehow at 5am when I was surfing around on the internet. I somehow always found the best links at 5am-who knows why.  I recognized immediately the power of being able to make multiple logs in a page, upload photos and text from an automated interface, and be able to tell the story of my day to day interactions instantaneously. The goal of my blog was to really show what modeling was really about and begin to communicate my personality to my clients and community in a way that a static webpage could not really provide. The web-based application meant that i could go to any internet cafe and stay in touch with my growing community easily. I love how you dont even have to have a computer to be able to blog! When I discovered that I could hand code the pages also, I made several experiments. I finally ended up scanning pages from my actual journal book and using that as my background. It was a lot of fun! my old blog here

I was really tired of hearing what the world thought a model's life and modeling was about: sex, drugs, and prostitution. I know that these things exist-the world is big and anything can happen, however thus far in modeling I have had a wild crazy trilling adventure! I thought that through this easy to use technology I could show my friends and family what I do every day, what I think about, and link to things I found interesting, without having to hand code the page daily. My parents never understood why I was modeling, so my plan was to show the really positive experience I had been having thus far modeling. Modelling has helped shape who I am, taught me to think in a global way, lead me to places I would never have gone, and made me interact with people I would normally never have access to--just as blogging has! It taught me how to take care of myself and communicate with a broad array of individuals. I thought that I could also share my positive perspective on modeling and fashion, so that other girls could also know that there were good things you could take away with you though modeling. This communication has been accomplished thanks to the blogger tool.

I wanted a way to communicate my point of view on my job so that people could see what kind of personality I had-it's really important in this industry for jobs. I was really tired of people's perspective and ideas about models-that we are young, capricious, stupid girls. The media often loves to play on stereotypes of the 80's: not getting out of bed for more than 10,000 euro, or sleeping around, being on heroin, stuck up, and party party party! Most of the girls I meet are like me, maybe technology is not their passion, but they use it for their business, they use it in their travels, and they know "what time it is". Most girls I know in modeling have a passion for something: dance, music, art, animals, school, or acting. I had hoped that through my blog I could be some kind of role model, showing the good things you can have through modeling, and the down side too so that other's could watch out!

I think a lot of one's experience is dependent on your state of mind. When you are tired and irritable, it is hard to have a great time, even if you are on the beach in Mauritius Island. From my yoga practice, and though my spiritual life, I have learned to work with my mind, and I had hoped to offer the fruits of that training to anyone interested in using modeling as a platform to experience life, by showing how to treat it, take it, and run with it. Any job in the entertainment industry is not easy, because daily you deal with people rejecting you. Blogging has made those down days, up days because i read comments from people and get support from my virtual community.

It is only through perseverance that one can really go far, win the possibility to meet the top photographers, and live the dream of so many young women. It takes 200% belief in yourself, it takes a 300% love for what you do, and it takes every ounce of who you are to surmount the mountain of success in any field. You need a support system around you to carry on! Due to my nomadic nature, I don't often have a stable set of friends around me, or my family, or even people to support me! The blog offers me a lot of community, connection, and interconnection (through people blogging and trackbacking to my site).

I hope that no matter what someone's job is that my blog inspire other men and women to live life to the fullest, not take for granted what you have, risk a little or a lot, don't count your chickens before they hatch, and love love love what you do--doing it with all your heart. If I can stand up in the world and demonstrate the power of the human spirit, then I feel I have true connection to all that is essential in this life. I am really grateful to whoever invented the blog, because it gives me the chance to add my voice to the human race and show my experience in my own words.

Now with my project, i wanted to bring the world of blogging--specifically moblogging--to the fashion community, who are not neccessarily technological. The blogging tool is perfect for the fashion industry and they are totally unaware of even what a blog is! I wanted the chance to show what is real fashion to the tech community, and give a voice to the individuals within the industry to express their creativity in their own words, photos, and videos. I really wanted them to benefit from the power of the blogging tool, and give a chance to show some of the individuals that i found willing to learn the technology and inspiring too. Everybody need a little bit of inspiration and fashion! Every human is a work of art.

How would a trip to Silicon Valley to meet other female bloggers help you accomplish your goals?

I will be in NEW YORK CITY july 11th-august 1st and would really like to participate in the blogher conference. as a woman and a blogger i would really appreciate to stand up and speak about women and technology. i would like to brainstorm with other women about how to bring about this new light on the female population and bridge the digital divide between women and technology. i believe that tools such as blogger, typepad, wordpad, msnspaces, etc, can really help women be empowered by technology. i would like to share my ideas also about how to incorporate mobility into the blog, leading to real time revenues and profits for men and women alike. i would like to meet other inspiring women who blog and begin to network within the female blogging community. i would appreciate to see other women standing up and being made visual so that we may create a new icon of femininity in the world today. i would like to know who other women think are inspiring and why so! i would like to brainstorm and connect to the female blogging community so that we can see where there may be other possible future collaborations. i feel i represent the new young women demographic emerging in the world today and i would like to get some tips and tricks from more mature women in different fields of interest--so that when i stand up and be counted in the visual world i live in, i am standing behind all extraordinary women in the world today. i would like to become a part of this community, so that when i return to my part in the visual world we live in, i can have a support network to reference and be role models for the young women i influence daily.




best wishes,