Marithe+Francois Girbaud by Suvi-Elina

"It is not a "défilé", but a moment in fashion or rather a general rehearsal before being projected on to the street for a refresher: men and women together"

-Marithe and Francois Girbaud

-Girbaud show was urban layered, mixed  with masculine-feminine sporty silhoutte. A ballet dancer on the stage brought a poetric, soft touch in the air. The collection consisted of trapeze coats, strappy high waisted trousers, jackets with rounded volumes, jeans with long purple ribbons. Girbaud couple undoubtedly does their best at the jeans label. The classical wide leg loose jeans and pants remain my favourite pieces of the collections throughout the seasons.

Vivienne Westwood by Suvi-Elina


a messland... everyone trying to enter Vivienne Westwood show in carossel du louvre. Even though the shows are broadcasted live to the internet for everyone to see, the amount of people wanting to attend the shows is only increasing. Press offices recieve thousands of invitation requests, but only part of them gets one. And maybe just for this reason the public interest is so high. The most prestigious fashion houses remain inaccesible. In the end it is all about selling a dream.

Yurkievich design by Suvi-Elina

Gaspards AW0708 collection was a success story. I really enjoyed it. I could so see myself wearing his black big bow shirts with jeans. I think he is a good example of the new generations talented designers, who follow their own path. When I interviewed him last season, he was really down to earth, smart guy with good sense of humour. His clothes have a reference to the past, with a modern rock'n roll twist. We want more!

Gaspard Yurkievich by Suvi-Elina

Today the young Argentinian-French designer Gaspard Yurkievich presented his collection in a beautiful old Salon Opera in rue Scribe in Paris. A live classical music band with a singer were performing at the show. It always makes the difference with the live music, it becomes like a real artistic performance.  Gaspards clothes are urban-chic, rock and bohemian all the same time.


Alena Akhmadullina by Suvi-Elina


This is from the russian designer Alena Akhmadullina's show today in Caroussel du Louvre. The models (or should I say little schoolgirls) looked like age of 13... otherwise very much like russian atmosphere in the show.The designer her self wants to book the models only through their russian mother agencies, which is nice in a way to support the business back in her home country. I loved some of the military green jackets and over-size pants. Alena is slowly paving her way through the much competitive parisian fashion business.

new member

Hi everyone,
I am a new member of the 360Fashion team. I am a friend of Anina and she has introduced me to this world of blogging. I have been working in  the field of fashion for 8 years, first as a model and now as a freelancer fashion editor. I come from Finland, but spend a lot of time in Paris and travel the world around. For now I'll be posting from Anina's blog.  ...Now off to Paris Fashion week...