Tea time by Suvi-Elina


Green tea is the ultimate drink in China. It is the must buy product while visiting the country. Here one example of a nice tea shop in Shanghai, where I bought tea which is like flower in your tea mug. So pretty!  HENG YANG TEA VILLAGE, Pucheng Rd, WeiFang Rd (West) (opposite ShiMaoBinjiang Garden) Pu Dong area.

Martin Grant by Suvi-Elina


Due to some technical problems I couldn't post my last part of the Paris fashion week, Martin Grant show. And in fact it was one of my favourites of the season. The Australian born via London to Paris based talented and down to earth designer is one of the best kept secrets of the parisian fashion industry. Grant is famous for his elegant tailoring and minimalist style. I love his clothes because they never look out of date, yet they have the aspect of classical effect and make women feel modern.  Martin Grants clothes are the best deal for a woman's wardrobe.

Nanjin road by Suvi-Elina


Nanjin Road is the main street of Shanghai. It is situated quite literally in the center of the city and the street is so long that it is almost too much to walk from the beginning till the end in one day. What you dont find from this street, you dont need... The striking fact is that in Nanjin Road the luxurious department stores and shops selling fake designers clothes and bags are side by side in piece and harmony. It doesnt seem to bother anyone. You are given the freedom to buy everything in all price ranges from the same street. There is something for everyone for sure.


Shanghai by Suvi-Elina


Just arrived to Shanghai this morning to discover one of the new fashion capitals of Asia. The city is just so huge, a giant metropole that today when i am struggling in jetlag  am only able to figure out how to go around. It seems that the bicycle is going to be the easiest way. With help of my friend, fashion guru Anne-Marie, who gave me some good hints for interesting places to visit, i will be posting news from Shanghai to you soon. Here a metro map of Shanghai, which most likely wont be much used, as i prefer bike, though  its pretty scary to bicycle  out there, as the traffic is just one freaking messland and a potential place to get killed.. Well better watch out and rely on the life insurance ;) 

Website to recommend by Suvi-Elina

By the way, just wanted to mention you guys this site: www.stylescribble.com. It's a kicking ass blog written by a serious fashion professional, who's been there, done that. It's no bulshit, but a real fashion inside blog, like 360Fashion!

Below a dress from Dior Haute Couture SS07 collection by John Galliano. And the model Lily Cole also happens to be Stylescribble authors favourite model of all times :) ... This year Dior celebrates 60 years in fashion, and  it's also John Galliano's 10th year as the creative director of the house of Christian Dior. I'll be writing more about that later as it'll be-and already has- the event of the year 2007 in Fashion.


Kenzo by Suvi-Elina


It takes two to Tango: Antonio Marras and Kenzo.  Fashion is about travel through time, but also  a passage to different countries and cultures. House of Kenzo is crossroad of east and west. This time Antonio Marras decided to drop by in Spain and Latin America for inspiration. The result was beautiful flourishing and intensive collection.

Giambattista Valli by Suvi-Elina

Giambattista Valli's show was love at the first sight! From the first look till the last one you could hear people's admiring sighs in the audience.

Collection  was gorgeous and sculptural. From colors black and ivory played the game with touch of  bright yellow and red. I am also happy to annouce the return of the hats! There were plenty of them, big, masculine hats. Costume jewelry was imposing; hearts with skulls... The dresses were super elegant, but not revealing. I especially loved the puffy ivory collars. The black classy trousersuits versus loose voluminous A-line dresses and jackets gave the perfect juxtaposition for the show. Best collection this season I've seen so far.

Below a picture of the designer Giambattista Valli with his Russian model Sasha Pivavora on the backstage. Sasha is showing Giambattista her art works. Aside from modeling Sasha is also is an artist who's travel essentials are her drawing book and  handful of pens. She tells us that she gets inspired from anything that is surrounding her everyday life. Traveling in all the corners of the globe for modeling Sasha takes influences from all the places she's been to and transfers the world she sees into the paper for imaginative drawings.