Ghita & Mark Seliger


Designer Alexis Phifer supported by Nikon and American Photo, has joined with Mark Seliger to create 4 designed pieces using fabric printed with Peter's photos. The pieces are in the  exhibition with Peter Seliger's photos at Henri Bendel on the 3rd floor.

Style360 Launch at Henri Bendel


Last night was the launch party of the new fashion venue, Style360. Yes, you may wonder if there is any connection between 360Fashion and Style360-not this year, but maybe next.

The event is a new venue to support new talent, created by Hachette Publications. They say it is in it's 3rd year but the past two years it was called something else. This year they changed the name to Style360, and it boasts to be a multimedia event-full of podcasting by nikon (nikon makes professional photo camera's), blogging, and lots of stalls around the room with makeovers by Max Factor, and other interactive events.

The event is mainly sponsored by Mercury, who have launched the smallest SUV that is also a hybred car. Proof that the american car industry is starting to move away from oil and testing out the market with more ecological vehicles.

Style360 is an alternative venue to support new creators in an interactive way. The cost to participate is half of what the tents cost, and with organizations such as Henri Bendel, Mercury, and Nikon behind, it is sure to do some good and provide a fun ride.

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