The Big Takeover : Rolling Stone

The Big Takeover : Rolling Stone.
The latest bailout came as AIG admitted to having just posted the largest quarterly loss in American corporate history — some $61.7 billion. In the final three months of last year, the company lost more than $27 million every hour. That's $465,000 a minute, a yearly income for a median American household every six seconds, roughly $7,750 a second.

//thats an insane amount of money to be spending per second....

In Style Girl

I forgot to mention that on my job yesterday i got to wear 200,000 pounds of jewelry. The private guard kept commenting to me every time he saw me eat (2 muffins with jam and 2 small plates of pasta for lunch), "oh, eating AGAIN!" Finally i had to pull him asside and tell him politely that he was really being rude. I asked him if he preferred models to not eat and what exactly he was implying when he said that. In classic english fashion he said, "oh i was just so shocked to see someone in your profession eat!"

i almost killed him. But you just can not blame ignorance. I explained to him that by commenting every time like that to me actually made me very uncomfortable and not want to eat. I explained that if he was happy to see a model eat and was trying to encourage her to eat more, then it would be better to say, "the food is great isn't it?" rather than express himself in the way he was. I explained to him that a lot of clients and people make those kinds of comments ("oh a model that likes to eat") to me all the time. I explained that it put a lot of pressure on me-like they were saying i was some kind of freak cuz i was eating. I explained a lot to him and most importantly i explained to him that there are 2 kinds of people: those that eat two huge meals a day, and those that eat lots of little meals throughout the day. I explained to him that i eat when i am hungry, and i do not eat when i am not hungry. I thought that was what you were supposed to do.

He said his daughter was like that-she ate when she was hungry and he did not agree. He makes her finish her whole plate of food because THAT WAS WHAT HE WAS TAUGHT.

I will write more later about the whole models, fashion, madrid, issue.

For now, i bet that rock on my finger could feed a whole country in africa. So please do not comment every time i eat, it's not the right approach at all to this whole women and weight issue.

By the way, the photo beauty was so fab. I can not wait for it to come out!

Underweight Models Banned from Madrid's Runways

Casting agents for Madrid's Fashion Week are forced to chose models that are of healthy weight as determined by Body-Mass Index (BMI) calculations preformed by on-site medics.  We may see similar restrictions in Milan as well.  Advocate groups for people with eating-disorders have expressed support for this.

Excerpt from CNN article:
The Madrid show is using the body mass index or BMI -- based on weight and height -- to measure models. It has turned away 30 percent of women who took part in the previous event. Medics will be on hand at the Sept. 18-22 show to check models.
"The restrictions could be quite a shock to the fashion world at the beginning, but I'm sure it's important as far as health is concerned," said Leonor Perez Pita, director of Madrid's show, also known as the Pasarela Cibeles.



The school bully is moving into cyberspace. This girl was terrorised for more than a year. Coul it happen to your child? - Sunday Times - Times Online

Who is right? Are social networking sites exacerbating bullying or merely mirroring the cut and thrust of the school playground?

////my opinion is that we cannot prevent this type of expression of agression. mena trott said it so eloquently when she addressed LES BLOGS about how she was shocked about what bloggers were saying--that they would never say to someone's face.

the only thing i can think of is that we can only ARM the next generation with information. this may happen, that may happen, and give them the tools neccessary to know how to respond or reply. if that happens, do this, say this, this works, etc. then if it happens they wont be shocked or frozen or terrified. they will move into action. they will be AWARE of it and know what options they have. it's when you were unprepared and dont know what to do or how to handle a situation that you get terrified.

like cars: they can kill you. but you can look left and right and wait for the light to be green. but you always must stay aware when crossing. today, it's a no brainer...unless you are in london for the first time...then they even WRITE it on the street so you know where to look. thanks mark for making me aware of this issue! i gotta get perja to do a podcast with me about cyber stalking....todo list...


thanks to loic le meur's blog, i found out about this new movie by al gore. i dont see any potential solution to this problem. when you compare "the devil wears prada" to "the inconvenient truth"...what is there to say? people are not really willing, as president bush has always said, to give up their american standard of living. everyone wants to have the hottest car. everyone wants to have the xxx. america doesnt have trains--europe you really think that america will start building train tracks again? and maybe that's not the the answer greener cars? electric solar powered vehicles? i wish i could at least understand the choices we have, but i commend al gore for making the movie. i hope it goes to every theater because i only know one thing: conciousness is the only thing that will save the planet. when the thought is vivid in every  human's mind, then we will have a solution emerge. until everyone is really concerned about this problem, outraged by it, and willing to sacrifice personally, i dont see anyone moving to change their lives. hey, even i want to have a smart car, a big flat, and the freedom to fly anywhere in the world. my little self interest is no different. i can only choose to spend more money on organic food, recycle, and ride the train, get a bike, but every time i take the plane and eat the plane food, i cringe because i know they are just throwing away every plastic cup. even when i want to keep my cup and pour more juice in it, they take it away from me and give me a  new one. what about greener fashion? it's mind boggling. i wonder what the following generations will think about us. i wonder what they think about the planet they are inheriting now.

Tracey Halls - Test

Today i am testing with tracey halls.

it was raining this morning and i took the train to my test. today we are shooting garden party dresses and going to shoot in hyde park under the blossom trees (in the cold and rain). they say it will clear up later today to a whole 16 degrees. tracy has been so kind to offer me a warm coat.

when i came from the train this morning and i was walking down the street and i saw a boy walking ahead of me. i felt like i had to talk to him. so i ran up to him and tapped him on the arm and said hi! his name is danny and he was on his way to go to the dentist to get his tooth pulled out. he was so afraid. i hugged him and said, "dont be afraid. it will be alright. just surrender. everything will be fine. just stay councious. do not fall asleep. tell your body to relax over and over. watch the fear fall away, like sticky black goo into the floor. leaving you white light everywhere." i let go of the hug and i held his hands looking into his eyes.

i said, "isnt it funny? you're not supposed to be able to run up to someone on the street and say hi and how are you!" i said, "this is what the problem is on the planet. i want to wake up though! i want to wake up and start breaking old ways!"

he said, "yeah i  know what you mean. its all about being human. its breaking stereotypes." 

"if people were really like that, they would not fall asleep" i said, "i dont want to fall asleep! i want to wake up and wake up all the planet. i want to feel. i want to be alive. i want to care. i dont want to fall into a flat routeen of the norm of HOW THINGS SHOULD BE."

he said as we continued to walk together, "yeah, its so beautiful here, you just want to stay awake all the time. the world is beautiful." 

I said, "the world is what you think it is! the whole planet is about creation. look!" i said pointing at the tree, "everything is set up to grow up here! everything is creating at every moment on this planet!" he said, " yeah, you can make anything happen--any dream--any idea--any reality."

"where are you going?" he asked.

i said, "i want to go with you! i want to walk a little bit with you."

he said, "ok, and then you can cut down the street over there and be on fellows road."

"if everyone would wake up and realize we can create whatever we want in this world--" i said.

"there would be no bin-ladens! no war!" he cried.

"--there would be no separation." i said.

"time and space then would not matter as you could create instantaneosly anything you want." i said. "i have made almost no money this month. certainly i gave out more than i have earned. and yet everything has been provided for. how can you explain that? everything i need is provided for! i am standing here and alive before you."

we live in a virtual physical world. where there is a will, there is a way. you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it coupled with will. it's a decision you make. the ancient yogi's have said so. the huna's have said so. all the ancient masters and ascended masters have said so. we have been given free will. AND I REFUSE TO GO TO SLEEP! I WANT TO GET UP OUT OF THE MUD!


THANK YOU DANNY! i hope that you were able to relax in your chair and let all the fear fall away and surrender. hope you find my blog and we meet again. thanks for being human.

we hugged eachother fiercely and parted.

it's all about the secret, soma!

New Year Predictions

video thumbnailCar video
video thumbnailSoma video

On new year's eve i jetted to soma's house to watch the fireworks. Soma is a healer and a long time lives in amsterdam. I asked him what was the most important shift in consciousness that was going to happen in the new year.

Oh and i made a little car video wondering if we would ever stop the war and bring the troops home. Everyone i speak with here says that the american people do not know that the war is about oil and that sadam h. had nothing to do with the twin towers. That seems to be common opinion in europe and the europeans say that just now the american people are finding out that the bush administration did not really tell the whole story. I just wish we'd cash in our chips and back out, clean up the mess, and apologize to the world. I am sure it's not that easy to understand or execute, and as mr bush said, we have to defend the american standard of living. My sympathy goes out to all people fighting everywhere. War is ugly and i wish we would collectively reach a consciousness where it was no longer an option for human beings.

Again, with so much we do not know going on, it is not possible to judge the situation and i certainly do not have enough knowledge to make an opinion other than, i can not understand war on any level. I can just work to develope my compassion for all living beings. Lets see how long it lasts when i get back to the big city...

At least soma says we will be moving into prosperity consciousness and abundance mentality! Lets find one thing to be grateful for today, no matter how small.

My gratitude today is for this blog: to loic le meur, sixapart, who have brought me so much good. It brought me alpha, who is here today to work on tech stuff with me that i want to develope. That and the friend of my friend who let me crash at their house cuz i got locked out of mine last night.