Even when you think you are the safest place in the world, the house next to you can get a crack in it and fall down, causing you to be immediately ejected from your home. The city gives you one night in a swank hotel, and now you have to figure out where to go for the next night. The hotels are booked and you end up with a snake in your hands that had to be evacuated along with the two cats in your lap. It's like the zen master when the student came to him to ask what to meditate on. The master picked him up and threw him out the window and them jumped on top of him after. The master asked him "got it?" and the poor student had to reply yes lest he be beaten more. This master did enlighten many people they say. But today feels a little like that. The daily struggle. Time to make lemonade. We bought a cage for the snake now while we figure out the next steps. So lucky we have mobile phones.


poking around for good women's blogs i found: Beauty, Brains & Experience. she did an exercize after reading a book called "open your mind to recieve" that i found very fun and cool!

So here’s what Dr. Kate and I did. We wrote a list of all the garbage in our heads: resentments, hurtful statements, old relationships, perfectionistic ideas and limiting beliefs. Then, we took our lists to the beach, talked about some of the doo doo we were ready to trash; laughed, yelled, told animated stories and felt free. I put one match in the ground for each thing listed (you can see, I had a lot of gunk to clean out). After I was finished, I lit the mother up (literally and literally). That’s right, I set the whole damn thing on fire. Up in flames. Old news. Can’t put it back together. Phew, I feel good. By the way, before I left, I tore up my list and threw it in the trash at the dog beach, right along with the dog doo doo where it belongs.


lessons from soma this morning:

to put it all a little bit in perspective of exactly how big we are in the universe.

FUTURE MEETING THE PAST. these are the words  Posted By: StClair
Date: Friday, 30 June 2006, 11:38 p.m.

"If pure consciousness is now meeting us in the moment in magical ways where it gives us precisely what we are giving out, then it can also be used to feed forgiveness and healing to every time line that merges into this moment. Everything in the outer world and universe is a mirror of the astral levels that exist in the Collective of Mankind's mind down to individual levels of each of us in a fractal way..."

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I am taking a tao moment to reflect:

Water is used as a representation of Tao because water always seeks the path of least resistance. It does not compete; it simply spiders out, finds the easiest path and follows it, yet there is nothing stronger. Water will carve through rocks, run around steel or anything which resists it. And it does so by simply rising or using gravity.

Rising and using gravity.

About blogging and fashion

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while the makeup artist was putting on my makeup, she shared with me her opinion about fashion and blogging. it was really an amazing conversation to hear what she had to say, since she had been working in the industry for a very long time, and had seen the evolution it has taken. she is totally for the technology--which is rare to find.


soma says to me this morning, LOVE IS NOT GEOGRAPHICAL. love is in your heart. and when you can stay in your heart, keeping it open, and staying centered, then you dont have to GO to a center to find love, you ARE THE CENTER. then where ever you are, when ever you are, you are in the right place. you are then always where you are supposed to be: in your CENTER.

love is not geographical--bodies are geographical, i say to him.