veryElle blogger evening - April 14

veryElle organised an event for bloggers on April 14 to celebrate the magazine launch. veryElle is a paper and interactive webzine.

First, a look at the content of this launch issue:

veryElle's debut issue is all about heroines, women that inspire (why wasn't anina in there? ;) )

Elettra veryELLE

But also: Chloé Sévigny, the daughters of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards as well as Youcef Nabi, the man behind L'Oréal Paris

Youcef Nabi ELLE

The web version is available now and has interactive content: interviews, making-of videos...

The team did a great job at presenting the magazine.


Two of the Elle ladies

14042008059 14042008063
Cathy Nivez, Sophie Fontanelle and Valérie Toranian

The magazine version wasn't ready yet at the time, but it was sent to us the following day: veryElle * Couverture de veryElle