CRI Radio & TV Interviews Anina Net in Beijing, China about 360Fashion Network

Ever wonder what it is that I am doing in China all this time? Well, here's your chance to see it. CRI Radio followed me around during our 3D Festival rampup and you get to see me building the robotic dress, talking about fashion and tech, and executing the 3D Festival exhibition. It's pretty go-go-go and at the same time it's pretty much fun. It is certainly not easy, but in the world where we get to choose what we want to do, I am following my passion.

Back in China

Its been an amazing start to the year: Started off in the presidential suite of an L.A. Hotel and an amazing road trip, over to Las Vegas for first time at CES. Showcased my robotic dress with Monster and Wearable World.

Last days in San Francisco with friends and meeting potential sponsors for my show.

Now I am back in China meeting big companies and fashion groups about the GSMA show in July.

Finally, tomorrow I have a big modeling job!

I fell across this photo of me from the 3rd Le Web and it shows how fast technology moves. Back then I was the lone fashion tech person in a sea of geeks. Now finally the moment has arrived and I am here with the fashion tech party just getting started!

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360Fashion Network

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A New Kind of Supermodel

In 2004 I launched my brand in an art exhibition together with the art posthume in Moliere's house in Paris. The exhibition was called "A new kind of supermodel" where I said through my exhibition, in the future it wouldn't be enough to just be a pretty face. That fashion models would need to be brands and use media and social media to promote fashion houses. They would need to be brand ambassadors, spokes persons. It has now come to pass.

The law of this world is: Evolve or be eliminated. Frogs are going. The rainforest is going. And so too must models evolve to stay competitive. This Kardashian debate of what is a fashion model, is the same as what is happening in fashion: Will the future of high-fashion be defined by high-design, or by high-technology?

In the same way models must become more than clothes hangers. They must become names. They must stand for something. They must have their "angle", their selling point and they must be smart and charismatic. They must command attention on social media as much as in a room. They must evolve or the industry will default to Kardashian style celebrity models. Name and status and connections, or "guanxi", have always gotten one in the door. Once in the door--its up to the individual what happens next.

Maybe middle eastern style is now "in" so Kendal Jenner has her moment on the stage. But can she change and adapt like the chameleon Linda Evangelista? Does she have the courage of Kate Moss? The lion heart of Naomi? Fashion changes so fast. Only true models can adapt to the trends. Those who cannot will fade away down the social media feed.


Anina Net Interview on PBS Television

As you may know, when I started 360Fashion Network, PBS television created a feature film about me. Bob Cringely followed me thru fashion week and it was one of the top viewed shows on PBS.

I had the great pleasure to be filmed again and share my 8 year experience of being an entrepreneur, again with Bob Cringely, this last month at Wearable World Labs in San Francisco.

It's great when you can look back and by telling your story share your advice with others and review your own accomplishments.

Many thanks to Dave Martinez assistant for snapping some photos.

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Laser Dresses designed by Michal Starost and powered by 360Fashion Network

I recently attended the 50th birthday party of a fashion tech legend, Scott Jordan who makes Scottevest. I wore, upon request, the laser dresses created for the GSMA - 360Fashion & Tech Runway Show.

It was a big hit with my friend Robert Scoble taking very beautiful photos of me. Many women said they would love to wear them. The lasers made it look like atoms were flying around your skirt.

The dresses were also on display at the 3D Festival during Beijing Design Week. They were sponsored by Polish tech company Softax.




BTV & Chaoyang News Interview Anina Net

At the Embassy of Poland Event showing the GSMA - 360Fashion & Tech Runway Show I was interviewed by BTV for ChaoYang News about wearable technology and fashion. I said that we need to move wearable technology out of the sportswear industry and into high fashion. We showcased the misfit shine jewelry and dress created with Michal Starost. The sports tracking jewelry is suitable for women who love fashion, and one of the Misfit shines can be "plugged in" to the dress or jewelry in order to keep tracking, but doesn't have to look like a sportswear device.


360Fashion & Tech Exhibition at CHIC2014 Beijing China

Beijing, China - The 360Fashion & Tech Exhibition 2014 took place at the W1 Hall at the CHIC2014 and it was packed the entire time as people entered the exhibition with full anticipation from last year to learn about new technologies to bring their businesses forward. They were not disappointed. Many people had never seen 3D Printing before in action and Tiertime UP! Printers were humming at top speed to produce the rings. The CHIC2014 brought new faces to the scene with many brands looking to solve the problem of their overstock, how to extend their retail space, and the major buzz word was to bring their newly created e-commerce stores into harmony with their retail spaces. Our 360AR solution for creating a Virtual Boutique was a major success. Many brands found the presentation their overstock as a virtual interactive experience a excellent solution to their retail space.

No one yet knows the "right" way to bring the virtual and physical worlds together, however we are 1000% sure that Augmented Reality is the way forward. Building 360AR interactive retail experiences will certainly keep visitors entertained, longer in the store, and give them the feeling of co-experiencing the brand.

Read more about the 360Fashion & Tech Exhibition at CHIC2014 here!

Ambassador of Finland Hosts Event for 360Fashion Network & Pekka Salokannel

The Ambassador of Finland hosted an event in his residency to honor Mr. Salokannel's 3D Printed eyewear and jewelry freshly printed in Finland on March 28th, 2014. The event brought the leading design and fashion experts together to view Mr. Salokannel's collection. Represenatives from Beijing Design Week, Red Star Design Award, Beijing Design Institute, 751DPark, and CNGA all gathered to learn about Pure Design from Finland as demonstrated by Mr. Salokannel's work.

"I'm very honored that we could showcase the excellent work of Pekka Salokannel in China during our 360Fashion & Tech Exhibition." said Anina.

Read more about the 360Fashion & Tech exhibition here!