BTV & Chaoyang News Interview Anina Net

At the Embassy of Poland Event showing the GSMA - 360Fashion & Tech Runway Show I was interviewed by BTV for ChaoYang News about wearable technology and fashion. I said that we need to move wearable technology out of the sportswear industry and into high fashion. We showcased the misfit shine jewelry and dress created with Michal Starost. The sports tracking jewelry is suitable for women who love fashion, and one of the Misfit shines can be "plugged in" to the dress or jewelry in order to keep tracking, but doesn't have to look like a sportswear device.


360Fashion & Tech Exhibition at CHIC2014 Beijing China

Beijing, China - The 360Fashion & Tech Exhibition 2014 took place at the W1 Hall at the CHIC2014 and it was packed the entire time as people entered the exhibition with full anticipation from last year to learn about new technologies to bring their businesses forward. They were not disappointed. Many people had never seen 3D Printing before in action and Tiertime UP! Printers were humming at top speed to produce the rings. The CHIC2014 brought new faces to the scene with many brands looking to solve the problem of their overstock, how to extend their retail space, and the major buzz word was to bring their newly created e-commerce stores into harmony with their retail spaces. Our 360AR solution for creating a Virtual Boutique was a major success. Many brands found the presentation their overstock as a virtual interactive experience a excellent solution to their retail space.

No one yet knows the "right" way to bring the virtual and physical worlds together, however we are 1000% sure that Augmented Reality is the way forward. Building 360AR interactive retail experiences will certainly keep visitors entertained, longer in the store, and give them the feeling of co-experiencing the brand.

Read more about the 360Fashion & Tech Exhibition at CHIC2014 here!

Ambassador of Finland Hosts Event for 360Fashion Network & Pekka Salokannel

The Ambassador of Finland hosted an event in his residency to honor Mr. Salokannel's 3D Printed eyewear and jewelry freshly printed in Finland on March 28th, 2014. The event brought the leading design and fashion experts together to view Mr. Salokannel's collection. Represenatives from Beijing Design Week, Red Star Design Award, Beijing Design Institute, 751DPark, and CNGA all gathered to learn about Pure Design from Finland as demonstrated by Mr. Salokannel's work.

"I'm very honored that we could showcase the excellent work of Pekka Salokannel in China during our 360Fashion & Tech Exhibition." said Anina.

Read more about the 360Fashion & Tech exhibition here!

I did my first call

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I did my first call yesterday and it worked perfectly. The caller was super happy with the advice and next steps I gave him he wrote me an excellent review.

It was actually a lot of fun as after listening to him I had a clear vision for what he could do next. Before the meeting I had already analyzed his site, made a list and then added to it as I listened to him. After I summarized what I had said and then posted it to the messaging board so he could follow.

I could do that all day giving people advice on how to enter China! It was so much fun!

Finland Embassy

I love it when you see an opportunity to bring people together and do a lot of good.

Pekka Salokannel is coming to Beijing to show his jewelry in our 360Fashion & Tech Exhibition at CHOC in Beijing. Its going to be the Finland year of Design and Beijing and Helsinki are sister cities.

So in,inauguration of our exhibition the Finnish Ambassador will host an even and showcase of Pekka's 3D Printed jewelry.

Its a great opportunity for me to invite all my minister friends and VIP to meet the Finland Ambassador so that they can all strengthen international relations.

Everybody wins. 360Fashion Network gets a hosted event for our expo, all my VIP make good relations withe the PURE DESIGN year of Finnish Design activities, and Pekka gets press. See pics of Finland ambassadors house.

Win win win win win...






Health Hits the Runway & Smogs the Hearts of All

Beijing, China - As the smog concerns grow in China we start to see it being reflected on the catwalks. One begins to wonder if smog pm3 masks will start to become a natural part of Chinese fashion as the clouds climb over Beijing. Recently

Tsinghua University graduate design work conference 2012 showed a collection of clothing + accessories for health and fashion.

Additionally, a recently married couple took their wedding photos with gas masks on and we watched them fly around the web.

In reality as wearables for heart, sun, fat, and body size integrate themselves into our fashion collections, will PM3 masks become a standard fashion accessory? Surprising that we haven't seen some kickstarter projects creep up addressing the fashion and smog issues. A thought I have long been entertaining.

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 8.23.56 PM.png

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 8.23.56 PM.png

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 8.23.56 PM.png

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 8.23.56 PM.png

Hotpot & AppSumo

Last night the hotpot smoke was so thick I couldn't see any of the people I was with. Its the first time I went out with my Chinese semiconductor chip building friend (he's like alpha) and his Chinese friends.

I got to practice my pantomimes, my little Chinese, and use my translation app because no one spoke English (which is good!).

Few things that struck me:

1. They were all looking like the just graduated.

2. Only 1 girl was devout Buddhist and didn't eat meat (we shared food).

3. They were all really nice.

4. All the girls were in marketing and BD, all the guys were managers. Clear cut.

5. They are an incredible amount of food each.

6. A smile goes a long way.

7. They all belonged to the same qq group and this was the first time they met in person.

I had the opportunity to many times just sit and think because I had little idea what they were talking about.

I thought about the great AppSumo deal I just got with learning video online channel for $49.00 for a year of learning videos. I wondered how I was going to schedule time for learning. I suppose it means I am going to have to start getting up earlier...set the alarm for 5am and roll out at 6 and exercise 30 min, then get on the computer. If the learning channel was on my iPad as an app, I would find it easier!

Random thought: in the few videos I have watched with Noah from AppSumo he talks about women and how he has no idea what women think, how he randomly chatted up sone woman at a random conference about sex, how he can't get x-girlfriends to come back....clearly Noah is single and wants to get into a long relationship, but I suppose his intense life and me only thinking leaves little room for someone else to get enough attention. Its kinda the plague of this era. I see it everywhere. All these Asian girls/single women, who moan about not finding husbands but yet they don't realize what everyone wants: attention. I like this saying: alone, not loneliness. Very different state of being.

Another question that flashed through my mind as I peered through the hotpot smoke, very similar to the Beijing smog, how does Noah handle all the hate comments. Clearly a person of passion, the CEO of AppSumo takes a lot of heat for his products. I read many comments, and it brings me back in memory to the day Ben Mcaff and Mena Trott had it out at the Le Web conference 10 feet away from each other. Ben was using the IRC back channel to say snide things about Mena while she was giving a speech about the state of the bloggosphere. She was mid sentence raising the very important point about how just because you could leave an anonymous comment, didn't give the right to spread your hate. She pointed out that people were saying things so rude that you wouldn't dare say to someone's face (and then she called out Ben Mcaff right there for his snide comments on the IRC and he ended up apologizing to the whole room--yes Le Web used to fit in a small room--of people). I wonder how Noah deals with the haters and defends his service...

My hotpot smoky thoughts of the day and I can't wait to listen to the excel videos on the learning channel (after I get all my work done).


Divine Encounters make the journey brighter

Recently I found the coolest roommate after Franz. Hard to believe it could get better, but it indeed is possible!

I have to register her to my flat with the local police station and after running for 30min to get revved up in the morning I went down to take care of it.

As I stood outside the very closed and suddenly abandoned police station, with no wallet, no long pants, and no idea what to do next, I noticed I was standing next to a man in the same situation on a colorful bike. We contemplated if miraculously that gate would unlock at 10am automatically. It didn't.

Two foreigners, no Chinese, and laws that are strict--well not a good situation. I suggested we ask the building management, which turned out to be useless because the guy spoke a lot in Chinese and neither of us understood what he was saying. Jumping on the phone to my business manager he said I should go to the shuangjing police station.

A city block in Beijing is => two new York city blocks.

I ask the foreign guy with the colorful Amsterdam bike if he would ride me Amsterdam style on the back and although he didn't know what it meant, he agreed. So I showed him what that meant and off we went down the big superhighway streets to the shuangjing police station.

Along the way we swapped Laowai stories in China and I would warn him whenever my legs would get too close to a car.

At the shuangjing police station, we found out we had to go to the Jinsong police station, which was much farther away. Its at this point that I realize thus was not going to be a fast trip and was one of those moments you think I should have brought my wallet!

My new foreign friend offered to ride me to the jinsong station, and without either one of us knowing where it was, and only a small hint from the shuangjing police station people, we're off.

Riding much farther along the road we swap scary police stories in China and sympathise with each other about the trials and tribulations of being a foreigner in China.

Between his Chinese and mine we find the jinsong police station. Its indeed the same faces as the closed station. Registered and out the door again, my legs, lips, and head frozen but grateful for the Amsterdam bike ride. He drops me at the corner station and shoots off to work. We swap wechats and I thank him for peddling him with me.

We both agreed, that the trailing task at hand had been made far more enjoyable...down right adventuresome...if not fantastically fun by peddling together in the big bad city.

Sometimes a common problem can offer the opportunity to accompany each other on the trials of the daily grind. It showed me that the journey can be made enjoyable with a little color on your bike. What would have been a lonely, annoying, frustrating long task, turned out to be a totally enjoyable, humor filled mission on a colorful bike Amsterdam style.

Time spent
Left house: 9:30am
Returned home: 12:00