Rules of the Long Tail


The most impressionating speech was Chris Anderson. I'm blown away. I can't even sum it up. I can not wait to watch the video. Anyone know where to find it? Awesome. Please post me the url. I can't believe i just met the guy who wrote about the long tail. Invented it! Now he's writing a book called Free. I can't wait to read it. It's everything that 360Fashion is built on. I got the chance to speak with him after but i had so little time. But my question that i did not formulate properly was, when we all can afford to do what we want, because the economic price to do so is almost free for all things like storage and bandwidth, will be all be free? When the advertising dollars come down from the large companies advertising, and the content is uploaded to the server, and brands are connected to individuals who's reputation is outstanding, will a strong enough engine be built to liberate us from taking electricity from the plug. Think about how free we would be if we did not have to pay for land, and did not need wires, or had to pay for electricity. What would life be like then? We could all just do what we wanted.