LEWEB3 2007

It was a very thrilling and elegant event and i am very grateful to attend. where was mary hodder??? where was mobilejones??? where were all the women in technology and blogging that we know from the lesblogs days?

i was really particularly curious that at the workshop for venture capitalists with saul, that there was not one WOMAN VENTURE CAPITALIST on stage. when i asked if there were any female venture capitalists, and why there were no women companies on the stage, fred answered that HIS PARTNER WAS A WOMAN and he invested in women companies (go fred! thank you for saying that to everyone!).

i ask myself why though, have i never once met fred's partner? never seen her at one conference? never seen her up on stage. why is that? saul pointed out a woman sitting in the front row who was apparently responsable for the seedcamp. but she was sitting in the front row and saul was on the stage with the microphone. she wouldnt even have gotten any recognition if i hadnt said anything. she was sitting quietly in the front row and i would never have seen her (she was sitting few rows up). why wasn't she on stage with the microphone if she was the one responsable for the seedcamp?

sometimes i wanna scream outloud because i ask myself, "WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? WHY ARE THERE NO WOMEN ON THE STAGE?" it doesnt mean they don't exist. after the workshop two smart looking fashionable EMAP VC business women came up to me and asked me what 360Fashion was about.

WHY WERE THEY NOT ON STAGE? even if the tech world does not think them qualified, why cant they just be up there as PLACEHOLDERS for the future women who are coming after them who will maybe in they eyes of men be better? why not at least use the coffee table in front to put picture frames of possible entrepenurial women up there with saul and the rest of them? why? because saul never thought to give the women a place on the couch or on stage who organized the seedcamp? maybe because fred's partner doesnt feel to come? who knows. i would have loved to meet her.

but there's something SERIOUSLY WRONG with the picture, and as a young woman in technology--who do i have to look up to? who are my role models? i feel so lonely in the tech world sometimes and outnumbered, it makes me hesitant to enter--and if i feel that way--what can other less brave women feel?

i was just at a conference: www.womens-forum.com where there were the worlds top CEO'S and VP WOMEN in the WORLD. why were none of them invited? the ticket to get into the women's forum is 5000 euro...so you can imagine that weeds out a lot of people. still 2500 women showed up! where are they? why are they not at the tech conference? why are they not interested in new media? the Cartier awards were at the womens-forum and all these young women entrepreneurs won. why were the Cartier women not on stage? they funded all these young women entrepreneurs.

i would have liked to see lee epting there from nokia at least. she's at forum nokia. if she's not techy enough to be at leweb3...who is? i feel like at the leblog days there were more women...or maybe it's just grown so big i could not find them all.

not that i dont like all those great and techy guys like david sifry, philippe stark, you loic, xavier des horts, gabe mac, fred, paolo v (love his wife), and the many other super talentend and entertaining wonderful people there. geraldine is the main girl holding the place for us--beautiful, fashionable, and techy woman. great role model. could we have some more please?



my editorial i shot with iris brosch in paris during the fashion week ss2007 for YOU magazine, came out. i was so shocked by the double page spread i saw on iris's website (under PHOTOS - NEW), with me in a white suit, sitting on the edge of a 7 story building (iris was really nervous i'd fall off!). it was quite fitting for having just come back from leweb3 conference where i wore a white suit unconciously, for my speech with hugh macleod from gapingvoid, about LOVE & FASHION 2.0. i shot those photos with iris brosch back october--way before i was aware that i would be invited to speak by sixapart. i didnt even think about that when i packed my luggage and took the thalys! i was very proud to participate in the conference, and it was a great venue. i met a lot of familiar faces, new people i only had interacted with virtually, and targeted VC's for a big project i have next for the 360Fashion Network.

the most positive feedback was given from gapingvoid.

then scoble and marc canter were neutral.

the rest of the bloggosphere on technorati, 99% of the posts were quite negative for many days, but now we see some glimmer amongst the clouds.

scoble is one of the people in the world who have had to deal with negative comments, having been the face of microsoft for so many years. i remember when i first went on scoble's blog and left him a comment telling that my brother worked for microsoft. how silly was i because i did not realize how big his blog was. i was shocked when i read down the list to the other comments. how many verbal battles were going on outright slander and abuse. amazing. i would have turned my comments off (sincerely) if i were him. he always managed to answer and kept his cool in the face of the flaming trolls. so it was very interesting to read his comments on dealing with critiscism.

  1. Leweb3
  2. Britney Spears
  3. Britney

Britney Spears slides into the second and third spot when Leweb3 takes the number one spot of the top 10 list of technorati searches.

what i think about leweb3 is that it was a great event, much bigger and more amazing than i could ever have imagined. i enjoyed that i had the chance to ask to the BIG 5 what they thought of small niche, high quality, communities creating content (and hear him say that high quality content was not important to yahoo, only numbers--ouch!). the venue was excellent and easy to get to from the metro and beautifully lit inside. it was great to have some vegetarian suitable food to eat and i really liked the water bridge in the upstairs area with lots of VC's hanging around. i had the best conversations in that space as it was really quiet and tranquil. in hindsigh, i would have loved to pitch my project in the startup's room.

i loved the orange's on/off pin giveaway at the orange stand, and it is now a hot wanted item with all my geeky fashion friends. i have only one left. they took them all from me--pins are really on the "IN" list, so good fashion choice from orange group!


i agree with hugh when he wrote, "Loic has an enthusiasm and a generosity of spirit which is off the scale. It is EXTREMELY rare for a man of that drive, talent and accomplishment to go such lengths to make good things happen for people like me and my friends, and yet ask for so relatively little in return. Frankly, I wish more of us were more like him. OK, so Le Web had a few setbacks. Errare humanem est. Move on..." Here is an anthony robbins video from TED conference, who is also a wonderful motivational person.

[click here to watch the video]


see anthony robbins heckle the politician!

view photos Uploaded on December 12, 2006
by R.J. Friedlander (i love this photo!! thank you! click here to see it) 

i wish that the politicians would have come to the conference, seen how many people we represent, and shared a more personal discussion with the audiance. if they would have gotten up on stage and said, "wow. i didnt realize how important the bloggosphere was, and now that i am here, this reinforces the idea we have to create policies and projects for the internet to encourage it's growth in france and abroad." or if after his speech i wanted to ask him after he said he was going to make things easier for startups in france and policies about the internet.

i wanted to ask him, what they were going to do for women and technology in france? did you know that ORANGE employs so many women? the whole company is practically women! tons of women do they employ! i have been there and seen it for myself-- it's actually really cool!

i wanted to ask also, what policies would the politicians put in place, or budgets that were dedicated to supporting more women to study or be in technology industry?

...but there were no microphones, so i couldnt ask the politicians. i think they should have kept their speaches to 10 minutes like when you are a startup and you are pitching your company for vc capital in the startup room. then the conference would have continued on schedule with no one upset or if you are going to get up on stage to start a dialog, then please send around the microphones. i thought it was very cool: i listened with the latest technology in translation from french to english, and i thought i was very tech savvy to have girls walking around handing out the translation tools. i think the translation hosteses could have worn more striking outfits or uniforms that would have made them look like airline hosteses, such as the hemp dresses that were shown at the hempworks fashion show ss2007. i could understand enough in french, so i took out my ipod and recorded what he was saying into mp3 format. i will post it soon.

i have consumed a lot of data, scrambling to digest it all now and even get it out of my phone and onto the computer to edit with my mac book pro.


photo: December 13, 2006 by Franck.Schmutz

i wondered where were the french women as beautiful and technical as geraldine? i loved her outfit on day 2, the patent leather boots, her knee-length skirt, and her beautiful red jacket--very chic--with piping and round red buttons.

as one of the women speakers, when i think about the audiance i could have had at 12.30 instead of the 6.30 PM slot that i slid into...i think that it would have been nice if there were more women at leweb3! i loved i have seen more women at lift and the DLD06. i was really happy to see Ulla Maria on the pannel and wished she could have had a speaker slot too.

i was surprised even with the Ecommerce pannel, all of them selling women's clothing, not to see net-a-porte on the pannel, and it was shocking to me, that those guys looking very nerdy--not like the fashion professoinals i know who are working in fashion.

Uploaded on December 13, 2006 by Feuillu

The Ecommerce people were the ones responsable for choosing what fashion goes online at their sites and they didn't even dress fashionably!

i was happy to ask them, if more young designers would be on their rosters, but they said they were sticking mostly to the big brands. out of all of them it was, bjorn kvarby who not only does include and intends to include more young designers, he was the more debonair of all the pannel--he had a classic tommy hilfiger look:

photo by Adam Tinworth

Thank god for fashion Ecommerce, such as YOOX from yoox.com and for places like net-a-porte who support and give a good visibility to great STYLE--weather that style by a new designer or a big brand. i thought the Ecommerce guys could learn something from these fashion industry insider shopping sites.

Uploaded on December 13, 2006 by Feuillu

when we finally got hugh and i to speak about love and fashion 2.0, there weren't a lot of people there--i feel like everyone missed our funny skit about "WOOOOO!!" if you missed it, you can watch it here thanks to vpod tv and , and i would love your constructive feedback. hugh macleod did an excellent job of taking what i talked about and analysing it--putting it into a framework where it the impact of it could be disected into his excellent 7 powerful points of what web 2.0 can learn from fashion. i am not as great a hugh to put the analysis there, i am better at just telling the facts of what's going on and who's doing what and what is 360fashion doing. hugh is great at distilling that and coming up with the meaning of it all.

i wanted to say, as answer about is web 2.0 removing the middle man and getting rid of agents in the fashion world. not exactly, it is however breaking down social barriors in order for people to connect to one another through technology, meet, and collaborate much easier. for models, over 25 is hard to work unless you have established yourself as a name brand within the industry--then you can work even if you have grey hair! helena christiansen, christy turlington, eva herzigova, cindy crawford, heidi klum, and more have kept modeling AND developed other interests and businesses. lots of girls are snapping photos but they have not put up their photos and videos on any sites really, they just email the information to oneanother. what blogging is doing for many experienced models, is giving them a platform to promote themselves as television presenters and evolve into acting.

with the knowlege they have attained from modeling, they have the skills neccessary to manage their own business directly. i still need agents in order to read my contracts, send me to clients, manage my schedule, take important career decisions about jobs and where to go to work--that's because i have a busy schedule. however, i do manage a lot more things now than i did when i was first starting. i can't do everything i do by myself. however, girls who are moving out from modeling into new avenues of video or no longer have agencies, will find online tv, blogging, and  pikeo very promising and be able to produce their own shows and more. the tech is there, they just need someone to show them how to use it. the new tools too, will help eco fashion's voice be heard louder.

conicedentally as i browse the flickr photo streams, i see that gabe mac and i are totally on the same wavelength and i didnt know he put the same AUSTIN POWERS reference in his presentation:

it amazes me how alike gabe mac and i think about the web. so psycic no, gabe??? on the same wavelenght. i didnt know you put that reference in your presentation until now and there were hugh and i saying "woooooo" all the time. it's in the air! wow!

i love xolo.tv. we are so......synergistic!

i thought that the screens were really wonderful--to see who was asking the questions, it really made it feel very 360 degree discussion. i really felt THERE when people were giving feedback.

i really loved this photo!

i even love the photo of him (i wonder if he took that of himself) he looks very italian and sympatico--like he would make me laugh a lot, all the time. i love this photo because it reminds me of those photos by helmut newton of the girl in the car racing down the highway with her scrarf flying in the wind. that photo siginfied a time and era. diane pernet would know more about it. i like the grainyness of the screen and it looks like i am asking a very important question, representing a certain group of people behind the 360Fashion Netowrk-- my voice can carry around with me other people who are associated with me, and it's important that i remember that when speaking and reacting in public.

i do have to admit, that it's very hard for anyone to get up on stage and present--i certainly have not as much charisma as gabe mac from xolo.tv. i will have to practice more. leading up to the event i was really ill and my stomach was always churning because i didnt really know what to say and talk about until the morning of my speech. hugh tried to help me, but i wish i could have had a pannel of fashion web 2.0 up there with ulla maria, sonnyphotos, and ws2m, along with diane pernet, coutorture, and iqons, like an extended version of the fashion & blogging conference Oct 2005 in Paris.

sorry i forgot to note where this photo came from.

i think i must have eaten something really wrong, because i had the same symptoms as danah boyd (who had a really rocking outfit and was one of the best speakers of the whole conference!) danah says, "Yet, even sick as a dog, i really enjoyed the conference; i would totally go back. And hundreds of people bitching means that people got really worked up. While this is seen as a "bad" thing, i actually think it's pretty awesome. Then again, i believe in living life by doing things that will be memorable. Le Web 3 will DEFINITELY be memorable. As for Paris, i'd be happy to go back anytime."

i think this image really speaks about a lot of things. blackberry advertising did the same effect. really nice flash actionscript. and i am sure, that with orange, france telecom, fon wifi community, and spain being great for ecofashion entrepeneurship--we will all agree that hugo boss got it totally right when he made his latest advertising campaign with orange colors!





i guess i should have dressed with more in orange!

i am really happy i went to leweb3. i feel really honored to have been there and i look forward to the connections i made there for 2007!  keep an eye on 360F magazine for more news on fashion and technology.

i have to agree totally with the last sentance which hugh quoted on his blog: "What he told us is that, in the end, only love matters. Success and fame and wealth and even health all fade in time, and in the end all you have is love. And love is what matters. I hope everyone in the world gets the chance to discover that in the way that I have. I love you, Alaina." it's a thought from Six Apart's Anil Dash, talking about the speech the Father of The Bride made at his wedding.

Hugh says, "This market and communication transition we're going through is not about technology, and it sure as hell isn't about marketing. It's about Love. Love enabled. Love re-asserting itself in the business between people."

i say, at 360Fashion it's about "the interconnectivity of the human spirit"