Le Web 08 One of the Best Le Web Yet

Picture 9 Uploaded on December 9, 2008
by hebig

LeWeb08, sponsored in part by Nokia, was a total success. The greatest thing about the event was that you could walk up to anyone, see their namecard, and feel free to talk with them about who they are and what they do. The party afterwards was really fun, cuz who ever goes to a nightclub and can talk and smile to everyone in the entire place. Where else is there so much transparancy, that even Michael Arrington can discuss openly on stage his discomfort and have Loic be able to respond to the crowd directly about any problems. There was a real togetherness feeling, and many of the people you have heard about one could just approach and start talking to. I walked in at the same time and saw Hugh and Doc Searls. His wife was in fashion so he and I could really talk deeply on the intricasies of the industry.

Uploaded on December 9, 2008
by dsearls

I got to sit with him and talk together during the whole first day! It was really enlightening to hear his perspective whispered in my ear. One got to catch up with the original crowd, and meet totally new entreprenures with unique business models. Marc Canter launched a new book! I cant wait to buy it. It had a lot of digital archetecture. I wonder how his platform, people aggregator, ranks against ovi. There are some extra features such as the blog rss import that are really cool. I would have chosen this platform for the forum.nokia.com blogs. There was a lot of talk about mobile, mobile love, mobile only social networks, mobile applications, mobile web. I thought that leweb08 too could have benefitted from the mobile calendar software and leiki solution.

I got to demo my Anina Dress Up application at LeWeb08 to everyone and found many collaboration partners!

anina dress up anina dress up

Uploaded on December 9, 2008
by dsearls

There was a different feeling at LeWeb08 than at the Nokia World. I found it quite hard to interact with the green badge people at the event. First they separated the press from the rest, where as last year's amsterdam venue allowed reporters to move easily back and forth between the press interview areas and the presentations. It was a different vibe too becase without the calendar and leiki solutions, you didnt know who anyone was, you could not match make with the matchmaker. i was looking for people interested in partnering on games, and i didnt meet anyone who was there. i didnt either know about any nokia champion event, or nokia pro members have the chance to meet. would have been grate to have a meet and greet the nokia pro members area. The party too in amsterdam in 07 was so great--beach volly ball! Another great thing about the Nokia World was the food was excellent, and the exhibition area well laid out and easy to get friendly demos, support, contacts. 

LeWeb08 too is more interactive--many people can ask many questions and even talk with the speakers one on one afterwards in the press room. I got a great interview with marissa mayer from google about fashion which was very exciting! Stay tuned on 360fashion to hear how important fashion is in search technology!

Many of the press that had been present at Nokia World were at LeWeb08! It was cool to get their perspectives between the two conferences and discuss about technologies we had seen at both.


Uploaded on December 11, 2008
by Guido van Nispen

I missed Chris Andersen from WIRED MAGAZINE, he was awesome at Nokia World! I wish they would have brought him back to speak again. The gilmore gang on stage at LeWeb08 was really fantastic, but no women I have to report made it into the group. I wonder why Nokia World doesnt have pannels where the press can interview and hear the reactions together from the different departments. I think definitly David Weingerger should speak at Nokia World! He would really be enlightening to the green badge people.The super guest at LeWeb08 was Paolo Cohelo. He talked about how plagerizing his work into digital copies has not hert his business, but rather increased his sales of hard copy books in the country where the copy was made. He said he even dedicated a whole page on his site to link to the copies. His publisher called him up and didnt know what to do about it. You can watch the web stream here: Paolo Cohelo. Marissa Mayer was present and talked about Google Chrome and how they worked with big fashion designers to choose skins for iGoogle.

I stood in line to ask my Marissa Mayer questions typing them out on my 810 tablet in line but in the end I had to ask her backstage.


Uploaded on December 12, 2008
by dotdean

The venue of LeWeb was really impressive. I liked the open space, the levels, and the cheese platter and deserts were pleanty! I would have loved more salad in a bigger cup :D same at Nokia World. The salad at LeWeb08 was great dressing.

The Nokia Speech at on Love, was really entertaining, but too big to upload to ovi.com. I asked if there were any plans for OVI to white label their software, now that Nokia is a software company and not a handset manufacturer. He answered that first they were working on the platform. 

Le Web also had problems with the wifi, as the same in the big hall at Nokia. Many bloggers and people were very upset about this at LeWeb08--but if Nokia can't do it, what makes anyone think that that Swisscom can do it? My friend at Nokia World told me that it's always like that at events, everyone gets on the web, then it slows down and doesn't work, then some people drop off, and the die hards get on. I was with Robert Scoble at Nokia World, and he and I could not really get on the web there either until later in the day or in the press lounge. If Swisscom in leweb08, France Telecom in leweb07, and at Nokia World too can't figure out the best solution, then I say, it's up to the bloggers and web users to be descrete and not hog up the lines with uploading huge videos, or checking email, or just hanging out on the line. Get up, do what you have to do, and then close down and let someone else online. Maybe we need some time slot software like when you go to the genious bar at apple, you can register for your timeslots when you want to blog :D. that would never work we know because human beings are selfish by nature. They love to be connected.

If you want to watch the marissa mayer interview it's here.  watch the photos here

Mostly, it was the atmosphere at LeWeb08, that really won out for me--one could really walk up to ANYONE at the venue and start talking. This was the most profound feeling and best part of the event. Nokia really did a great job in connecting people by sponsoring this event.

I asked the question at LeWeb08 to Google CEO, about Google TO DO list request was considered "off topic" until my psycic manifestation powers moved in and Google announced to do lists on Google Labs 5 minutes after I asked the CEO who thought the question was trivial. I was thinking of that in the OVI services, there's a task list manager, so it is strange that there's no task list manager in the suite of google collaboration sofware. I map my domain over gmail for professional reasons in business, and a to do list would be very welcome. Ovi's advantage is that it is integrated in their product offering, and synches with the phone, however, i cannot use ovi for business purposes as it would not come with my domain as in the gmail masking.

LEWEB3 2007

It was a very thrilling and elegant event and i am very grateful to attend. where was mary hodder??? where was mobilejones??? where were all the women in technology and blogging that we know from the lesblogs days?

i was really particularly curious that at the workshop for venture capitalists with saul, that there was not one WOMAN VENTURE CAPITALIST on stage. when i asked if there were any female venture capitalists, and why there were no women companies on the stage, fred answered that HIS PARTNER WAS A WOMAN and he invested in women companies (go fred! thank you for saying that to everyone!).

i ask myself why though, have i never once met fred's partner? never seen her at one conference? never seen her up on stage. why is that? saul pointed out a woman sitting in the front row who was apparently responsable for the seedcamp. but she was sitting in the front row and saul was on the stage with the microphone. she wouldnt even have gotten any recognition if i hadnt said anything. she was sitting quietly in the front row and i would never have seen her (she was sitting few rows up). why wasn't she on stage with the microphone if she was the one responsable for the seedcamp?

sometimes i wanna scream outloud because i ask myself, "WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? WHY ARE THERE NO WOMEN ON THE STAGE?" it doesnt mean they don't exist. after the workshop two smart looking fashionable EMAP VC business women came up to me and asked me what 360Fashion was about.

WHY WERE THEY NOT ON STAGE? even if the tech world does not think them qualified, why cant they just be up there as PLACEHOLDERS for the future women who are coming after them who will maybe in they eyes of men be better? why not at least use the coffee table in front to put picture frames of possible entrepenurial women up there with saul and the rest of them? why? because saul never thought to give the women a place on the couch or on stage who organized the seedcamp? maybe because fred's partner doesnt feel to come? who knows. i would have loved to meet her.

but there's something SERIOUSLY WRONG with the picture, and as a young woman in technology--who do i have to look up to? who are my role models? i feel so lonely in the tech world sometimes and outnumbered, it makes me hesitant to enter--and if i feel that way--what can other less brave women feel?

i was just at a conference: www.womens-forum.com where there were the worlds top CEO'S and VP WOMEN in the WORLD. why were none of them invited? the ticket to get into the women's forum is 5000 euro...so you can imagine that weeds out a lot of people. still 2500 women showed up! where are they? why are they not at the tech conference? why are they not interested in new media? the Cartier awards were at the womens-forum and all these young women entrepreneurs won. why were the Cartier women not on stage? they funded all these young women entrepreneurs.

i would have liked to see lee epting there from nokia at least. she's at forum nokia. if she's not techy enough to be at leweb3...who is? i feel like at the leblog days there were more women...or maybe it's just grown so big i could not find them all.

not that i dont like all those great and techy guys like david sifry, philippe stark, you loic, xavier des horts, gabe mac, fred, paolo v (love his wife), and the many other super talentend and entertaining wonderful people there. geraldine is the main girl holding the place for us--beautiful, fashionable, and techy woman. great role model. could we have some more please?


as for the wifi, is not so easy to set up for thousands of people. i remember at nokia world, with over 2000 people connecting at the same time--my tech friend who was working to set it up said it's not so easy to set up.

you have to have the same ip addressing for people when they move from one side of the room to the other, so the connection seems seamless--you need to make it so people can roam through the access points. it's like with the mobile phone when you are on the train, and you have your phonecall on and you are moving and you go to the area of the other base station with the antenna, you have to continue seamlessly. it's the same with wifi, if i have my browsing connection on and i move from one side of the room to the other side of the conference room i dont want the address to drop. because if the wifi address drops then you have to reconnect, it disrupts the connections. you have to connect again.

you have to have connections seamlessly on all the time and to do that you have to have certain backbone where you have the router giving out the ip addresses from the address pool, and in the pool you have allocated enough ip addresses, and when they move around and go to the other routers, the dhcp gives one address for each client. the allocating of the wifi channels you have to have optimise the channels to get it working as well as possible, because if you have all the access points on the same channel then of course they are using the same frequency so they are eating eachother in the scope. they dont carry as long as they could. there's a LOT more to take into account when producting the wifi connectivity for a conference.

in the wifi config of your computer, you can select infrastructure or ad-hoc, even in a good wifi network you can ruin things by putting your computer in ad-hoc mode, then all people close to you will be connecting to your laptop instead of the official wifi network. that doesnt really work well. you can really sabotage the wifi network with the same ssid because people close to you will connect to your laptop and not the accesspoint. that's why i kept seeing double of the accesspoints in the venue. oops! it wasn't really orange's fault because there are some people that named their computers the same name as the ssid! they can't control that! so pay attention bloggers when connecting to wifi at events not to select ad-hoc.

ALWAYS select INFRASTRUCTURE when trying to connect.