InfoTechArt 2.0 - Un BLOG de JOURNAL: n'importe quoi!


InfoTechArt 2.0 - Un BLOG de JOURNAL: n'importe quoi!.

this is really funny.

I actually did a google search and found it linking to a comment i had written on this beautiful blog (it's really stylish webdesign -- it even has a clock.
it's really funny, i heard marc canter and robert scoble talking about web 2.0 and now i can see what everybodys searching for solutions in this web 2.0 space.

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...and his wife is really beautiful. i cant wait to see her blog. anyone know the link? i think they are two of the most fun people to hang around with. between, marc and lisa, robert and maryam, shael and his wife, loic and geraldine, this world is getting pretty jet set! i love that...finally i am not alone in my world bopping, shop hopping, chocolate popping, ways...i hope to be be bopping more with the tech jet set crowd and even bring them into the fashion scene one day (who knows, maybe they'd like to go to a catwalk show i am in one day...)

In blogs, and Anina, we trust | | CNET

In blogs, and Anina, we trust | | CNET

In blogs, and Anina, we trust

Take one fashion model, add a conference on blogging and what do you get? Enough breathless coverage in the blog community that you'd think Steve Jobs just pulled a Nano out of his pants pocket.

LOL "pulled a nano out of his pocket!" i am learning there are a LOT of great writers out there on the web who are not only funny, but make reading enjoyable (not just cuz this article is about me). what i mean is: who are really good at making quips and using words for double meanings. it's one of the reasons i have always enjoyed to speak italian. you can use so many of the words as can i explain?
one classic example was i was at a dinner with a photographer, stylist, etc. and i wanted some more food but i couldnt eat a whole plate. so marco, the photographer said, "something something something taperoni." i couldnt believe my ears, because i had never heard this word, "taperoni" before. so i repeated, "taperoni?" he said, "si, taperoni." i kept going deeper and deeper into the word, sure that there was some mistake there. he explained it meant: half for you, half for me. i reapeated, "taperoni???" " ta per uno!" he said finally. (yes, marco, say it all a bit faster!) since then, any time we see eachother or work together, we go off on all these variations of the word, "ciao tappi!" "come vanno le tapperoni?" "ma va! tapertutto!" maybe it's just me...but italian in general can be used like that. makes me laugh to much! now finnish on the other hand....


during the breaktime, lots of discussions going on about mena's talk this morning about acting professional and how bloggers often say things about and to people that they would never say to someone's face. lots of networking going on and i am just listening in on all the conversations!


thanks antoine for the photo...



mobility? yan ni speaking


"are there are a number of artists in the video blogging community who are interested in creating visual art--vj loops, creating moblogging videos?" asks  there are no boundaries with video blogging, and he cannot find the type of content he wants on traditional tv etc. he thinks it cool that he can get it on his ipod, on the blogs, and in non-traditional media channels.


I am speaking today with marc canter and hugh with suw managing it all..."with a two by four" she said.


they say...rss word is going to die, that it will be called "web feed", because, as marc said, "we have to start talking to human beings."

"the software will be smart enough to only bubble up the information that i want" one of the panelists said. my question is (and i guess that's why i am on the other panel), who do we become as people when the technology "becomes smart enough" to decide for me what i find interesting enough? what happened to school where you got a general knowledge of everything. yes, focusing is good, but i am so glad bugs and stuff exhist so that one xxx bit of information comes up spontaneously for me to see (maybe i need to see it and it has nothing to do with work...) "the relevency of something is dependent on my context. if i am in a professional context then i want certain info, and if i am in a social situation i want other info, and will the software will ever be smart enough to know my context? it's timebound!" (juerg is sitting next to me).

"improving privacy, improving targeting, individual intellectual property as far as what a person wants to read on the web."

microsoft example of syncronizing information accross a field so that when you have say, a job offer out there, and then the job is no longer available, and yet the information still exhists and you still get bombarded with emails.

Buddha bar Xbox night

video thumbnailVideo

Last night i had to make an interview for wired magazine so we were late to the party. Just as marc and i rocked up, everyone was leaving. Everyone was hungry and asking me where to go and i suggested the buddha bar. Everyone enjoyed it and after i took everyone walking around the rue saint honore to show them Colette, my favorite store. We all started laughing when we say in the store windows the xbox 360 panels decorated by artists. Robert and his wife were laughing at the sheer coincidence of our whole adventure. robert walked a few paces more and saw the lingerie shop next door to colette and said, "wow! this is a geeks dream! lingerie and xbox!"

Blogging and Corporations

The main point here is how companies are using them for marketing, and then when it works, one has less time to answer every comment! Technorati say there are 3 categories of bloggers and it is all dependent on how much time the person has in a day. My question is, why is deleting a post considered a bad thing? There is an "etiquiue" that offer to be respected.

Adriana says to companies interested in opening a blog:
1.Look whats happening 2.understand what's going on 3.then jump in. You have to give people value for the attention that is being asked. If you have that balance right, then you have a successful transaction.


robet scoble has started this new online channel for geeks: Channel 9.

i think this is the biggest gathering of laptops! sixapart believes there is a revolution going on in the world and that there are now 10million blogs (on typepad) and the world is changing. they believe that they have to understand this change and be a part of the change. they have made a wiki to manage all the people to share and put what you like. what they would like out of the confrerence we all show what we have understood and what is the outcome and next steps. the session will start with corporate blogging and how blogging is affecting corporations. in the afternoon they will speak about blogs and politics, investments, and the last pannel will be blogs and education. there will be an afterparty at the baramundi bar.

charlie schick is here and we will see eachother in finland when i go there on wed.

shel isreal and robert scoble have written a book together called, naked conversations, which is a book about how blogs are chancing the way buisnesses talk with consumers. robert was speaking last night about how blogs give the chance for large companies to speak directly with their consumers, respond immidiately to any negative feedback before it reaches the brand damaging proportions, and how to get their consumers involved in caring about the company.
"blogging is a tool, you can use a hammer to fix your house, or you can use a hammer to bludgeon." says shael. blogging has such a quick response in the world. companies are launching and opening blogs and within 3 months their names and their brands are established--all because of the blog. "the power of the word of mouth is more powerful than any other tool." says scoble. "marketing began with conversations," says shael, "blogging has just expanded that to a global level." robert went to speak with TARGET, the chain store in the USA, he technorati'd target and the search engine came up with 20 comments on the company-19 of which were good and 1 was a bad experience. robert pointed out to target that this was the opportunity for target to respond to this negative experience, and recouperate the customer. they were really amazed.
some corporations have a corporate culture of no one speaks before the brand. they dont let one person or a group of people speak for the brand. the conclusion of the book is that instead of big sports people endorsing the companies, people will trust people...people want to see real people working for companies and what they are doing. but because of the culture of corporations (this point that they let the brand speak with no face) corporations are reluctant to have one person speak for the brand.

hugh made a funny picture...