when i was at 3gsm, i was talking with one of the organizers who told me about this amazing girl who's life was changed because she started using flash. the story still gives me goose bumps, but i wanted to share it with you all so that i could pass on the word that the power of the human spirit is so great--it can overcome any obstacle. you have to see her website! i wish she had a blog so that i could leave her some comments. i find her story so inspiring!


Tian Tian is one of the most famous Flash artists in China. With Tina as her nickname in the Internet, Tian Tian was as active and lively as other little girls in her childhood, and studied at Shenyang Dance School. She encountered a catastrophe, which was fatal in life in 1995. In addition to the death of her mother, the inbreak of a ruffian left three fatal knife wounds in her body. The abrupt change made 80% of her body beneath head paralyzed, and she was unable to walk and frolic with her legs, Tian Tian, who once thought of suicide to end her life over which she had been unable to control, started to learnt Flash when she was 15 with a chopstick in her mouth. Nowadays, Tian Tian has had considerable reputation in the circle of Flash production, and her works by herself were for several times on the top of the list in domestic rankings.