My Journey from Fashion Model to Actress: Embracing the Thrill of Acting

As you know I have been a fashion model my whole life, but in 2020 I started to develop my acting career. I want to share with you the incredible journey I embarked on in 2020 โ€“ transitioning from a fashion model to a full-fledged actress. It's been an upward climb and an incredible learning curve with emotions, self-discovery, and memorable experiences that have forever added this trajectory to my career.

Embracing the Realness of Acting
To be honest, acting wasn't something I initially wanted to do. As a fashion model, the allure of the catwalk and the glamorous world of fashion seemed more rewarding. However, every time a movie camera was pointed at me, the cameramen would look through their lens, and their heads would popup and they would say, "You should be an actress!". I never understood why and even to this day, the only explanation I ever got was that there are these cross-hairs in the camera and if your face lines up with them, it means you are an actress.

Acting had always lingered in the background, with people asking me to be part of their films or play cameo roles of myself. I have had several documentaries made of me, including PBS which garnered the most views of any PBS show at the time. While I was occupied with television commercials and public speaking engagements in the tech industry, the world of acting kept whispering in my ear, nudging me to explore its depths.

The Turning Point: KG-145 and the President's Wife
Everything changed when I received a game-changing opportunity in 2020. I was offered the lead role in the movie "KG-145" as the President's wife, Lisette. At first, I was hesitant, unsure if acting could match the rewards I found in modeling. But something inside me pushed me to take the leap. Little did I know that this decision would be the turning point in my acting career.

The interesting thing about this opportunity lay not only in the role itself but also in the circumstances surrounding it. Several people that I knew would be in the movie, including my friend Simon, who was the person who recommended me for the role to the director. Being surrounded by my dear friends on set created a comfortable and supportive environment, helping me ease into the world of acting with less pressure. And let's not forget the incredible director whose passion for the film was contagious. We began shooting just as the pandemic struck, making travel challenging. However, my friend Simon, who also stared in the movie, came to my rescue, picking me up with his daughter, and together, we embarked on this exciting adventure.

Discovering the Love for Acting
As the shoot progressed, I found myself falling in love with the craft of acting. The authenticity and realness it demanded were unlike anything I had experienced before. Every scene became an opportunity to immerse myself in Grace's world, to feel her emotions, to truly become her. The rain, the dirt, the exhaustion โ€“ everything felt incredibly real. Acting became my gateway to living in the present moment, embracing the challenges, and unleashing my inner creativity. The lines however and remembering them, were my greatest challenge. I did not have any fear, only fear of forgetting my line!

A Poster-Worthy Achievement
My journey took an extraordinary turn when "KG-145" was selected to be showcased at the illustrious Cannes Film Festival in France this year. To my amazement, I discovered that I was featured front and center on the film's poster. Two days before I had been scrolling through movie posters on Netflix thinking, "I wonder if I will ever be featured in a movie poster..." I was jumping up and down for joy when the director sent me the poster with me on it. I was rendered speechless. It was an honor and a thrill beyond words. Dreams really do come true!

The Love Affair with Acting Continues
Today, I love acting. I have taken classes online, and I am proud to say that I've found something others say I'm good at. I have even received standing ovations on set when I finish my scene. Sometimes I wonder if they are just saying it, or if it's really true - I can't judge, I only can do my best. I have much to learn in terms of techniques and I'm really grateful to be among other more experienced actors and teachers to point the way. The journey has taught me invaluable lessons about perseverance, self-belief, and the joy that comes from pursuing your passion. Yes, movie-making is a lengthy and intricate process, but the love I have for it fuels my spirit. Being featured in "KG-145" has only deepened my commitment to this craft and fueled my desire to take on more diverse roles. I can't wait for the day when the film is available for all of you to enjoy, sharing this incredible adventure with my dear friends, both old and new.

So, there you have it โ€“ my personal journey from fashion model to actress, my transformation in the fascinating world of acting in China. It has been an extraordinary ride, filled with challenges, triumphs, and unforgettable moments. Through it all, I've discovered the exhilaration and fulfillment that acting brings to my life. The path to success in the film industry is paved with dedication and resilience, but the rewards are immeasurable. Thank you to all my friends around the world who cheer me on my incredible life adventure. I can't wait to share more stories and experiences with you in the future. Sometimes you just gotta blog!

Tiger - Movie by Beaufourt - DVD Launch Sydney, Australia


The movie TIGER was shot by Beaufort films on location in Tokyo. Its a love story set in the Tokyo modelling scene and addresses the issues that we models face of falling in love while on a contract and having to deal with long distance relationships. The director, James, a model who not only directed the film, but acted in it, and who has a great band, had the DVD launch in the King's Cross, Sydney, Australia. I'm very grateful for the the shout out he gave to me at the event for the help I've been giving him in promoting the film. The film is excellent, and I was very happy to attend. The evening was an awesome event with live bands, DVD sales, inter-spliced with a special clip from the film.

Anina358 & James / Beaufort Films

The event kicked off with a live band performance by James's band (does one get any more creative?) with the room packed and everyone dancing.


His band was totally excellent electro 80's made modern by James's band.

Lots of fashion models showed up, including the lovely Bec who played in the movie, and several of Sydney's "it" girls took time out from fittings to support the DVD Launch.



It was great to see such a turnout and support from the industry for this great film. Check out the trailer and be sure to buy a DVD while supplies last and sales are online.

Tiger - A Film Not to be Missed!

Tiger Trailer by Beaufort from Beaufort on Vimeo.

This film is shot by models, about modelling, and really I have to say I'm so excited to see it's launch in Australia! Its awesome and I really think it shows great insight. Model and director, James owns his own company, Beaufort Films, and I suggested he interview models in Australia about modelling and post them on the Beaufort blog in order to promote the movie. That evolved into a collaboration between Beaufort and 360Fashion so stay tuned for those interview to start showing up on the 360Models blog!

If you'd like to come to the DVD launch, here's the information below:

Tiger DVD Launch

Time: Thursday April 22 @ 8pm sharp

Location: Melt Bar, 12 Kellett St, Kings Cross

$10 entry and drink deals all night long.

8pm open.

8:30pm Special Tiger Trailer

8:45pm Beaufort

9:30pm Special Tiger Trailer

9:45pm Mushu

10:30pm Alter Ego Mania

11:15pm The Protectors

12pm DJs