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i recently collaborated with one of the best photographers in china that i've ever seen. Yan Zhixiong is member of the Brittish Photography Association, of China Photography Association, and one of the top 10 photographers in China. a totally stylish guy, his eye is so fast and deep you don't have to be doing anything--he says all you need to do is feel. he says, if the feeling is right, every photo is perfect. and Kimberley Campaign

My campaign and catalog with Kimberley is out! Wow! Hot photos--I can't believe this is what i look like with long hair. Telling secrets was the theme of the day and the photographer loved it.
This was one of the coldest days that we ever had to shoot--it actually snowed outside. We were shaking to death and even the clients with their warm feather jackets were jumping up and down to not have their toes turn to ice. We shot near the Olympic stadium and Kimberley and I thought that we were going to be shooting IN FRONT of the stadium, but instead we only peeked over it in the distance laughing at our previous plans to shoot video report in front of it.
I just do what I feel like when I wear the clothes and I cant really explain logically why I do things with my hands and eyes, but sometimes I catch myself and think--oh why are you doing that put your hand down. When I do the photographer generally yells at me, "No! Don't move!" and I have to put my hand back up in that position. I never know what they see really, but afterwards when I saw the photo on the screen the photographer leaned over and said, "You're telling secrets. I love it!"
I love this outfit. It's actually difficult to get coordinated when you have to walk and the photographer wants your legs to be in the same's 1...2...3...GO! 1...2...3...GO! over and over...
I don't know why it happens...I just get these flashes in my head of the photo when I'm making the photo, and the feeling comes out of me and my body goes into some kind of movement. I really can't explain it, but it's what happened in this photo. I just pretended that we were two new york city chics shopping and snobby hanging out bad girls on the street in fur...hahhaha makes no sense I know! Kimberley and I were mo blogging it the whole time. I shot her when she was shooting. She shot me when I was we will make the video for everyone to see the backstage freezing commentary!

JUMP! JUMP! JUMP! That's all you hear and the nnnnnnklllkkkkttttt FLASH! Of the lights and then the BEEP! Telling you to JUMP! again...I had to correct height cuz Kimberley and I are two different heights and so I had to lean a little to the side so we would look the same level. Small tricks like that help the photo look better when you are working with another model. If I were the smaller girl I would jump higher like Kimberley did to match my height. Of course, the higher you jump and more you lean to the side, the harder it is to land in 8 in heels on a slipperly concrete floor! Don't try it at home unless you are super trained model!


Most of our time is spent being driven around on castings to meet clients. it's too far to be able to go by your own. The cities are really big and the streets are long, so finally i decided to bring the sterio system and jam out in the car with my friends! We sing so many great songs and each one of us gets to play the DJ!

D&G Casting China

Now that the olympics are finished we see the market shaking up and every week there seems to be a big brand having a fashion show! Why i'm leaving i don't know other than some times it's not about the money, it's about your feeling. I've been under a lot of stress and i really need to relax and be near people who care about me. Have a break before the next china fashion week in november.

leaving china

leaving china
leaving china
Finished up business meetings until 2am and then came to home and packed. My roommates were waiting for me at the club but i could not make it. The all came home slightly hammered and we had the long talks and saying good bye's. Grant will still be there when i come back unless he goes to tokyo, ivette who has not booked a job in one month and half booked seven days highest paid Dior makeup job will still be there, who knows what Thais is doing, maybe meet her in Milan. You never know in modelling where you will be next or with who but really i have to say our flat is the magic flat. Every time great friends roommates and fun times. It was not an easy time for me this time cuz of personal hardship but my flat mates helped me a lot! We got skype, we got facebook, we got phone and sms so we are set to keep in touch. You'd never believe all the things you can say in an sms. You can send the greatest love and even break someone's heart in 160 characters. What i think though is that nothing can replace the human touch. You never really know how will be the situation until you are face to face looking in each other's eyes again. Maybe something you thought was lost is still there stronger than ever, or maybe something you thought was something you felt for no other before is no longer there. Fantasy and reality intertwine in sms land and you can have a close relation by skype for sure. But 3D is a whole other call. It was nice to have their hug's and kisses good bye for now. The world is so small for glocal people. Everything goes 360 in fashion.

olympic fashion continues

olympic fashion continues
olympic fashion continues
olympic fashion continues
olympic fashion continues
olympic fashion continues
Stopped this weekend in the street by a young guy who wanted our autograph desperately for his t shirt, we obliged because it was for a cool blog project. If was determined to get one person from every country to sign his t shirt. America and hungary already taken, he asked us to sign anyway. Talk about innovative marketing! I wonder what will be the reach of my brand on this boy's shirt and blog!