The American Meme Movie Review


San Francisco, CA - The American Meme': Inside Paris Hilton and Hailey Bieber's Social-Media Addiction. The new Netflix documentary 'The American Meme' examines our social media obsession through the eyes of its popular “influencers. #blessed #grateful Movie is by Bert Marcus.
"It's like being introduced to a new drug, but this new drug has only been available for a year, and we don't know the effects of it," says Stephen Dorff who is known as "the Brittney Spears video".
In 2004 when I launched at the Art 'Posthume movement, in an exhibition called "A New Kind of Supermodel", I predicted the rise of the social media models and how in the future models would use social media to promote brands. In my mind, I used it at the time becoming the first model blogger on google, to boost myself into the spotlight of mainstream media and news. I myself aligned my brand with Nokia and harnessed their PR power to land full-page spreads in magazines and online platforms for our many cooperations.
However, I like this second generation of online stars, disappeared for a while from the limelight due to the burnout from constant content creation - and unlike them - the China firewall. I stopped blogging and switched to wechat and weibo Chinese social media when I went behind China's great firewall. With the birth of VPN's and my recent move back to the USA to launch my company's products, I have found my new voice and way to use social media to place into the world what I wish to leave behind in my internet archive legacy. You can follow me on Instagram here, Facebook here, and twitter here.

I watched the movie and found some interesting points:

Paris Hilton

  1. Paris Hilton is the one who leads the online influencer internet revolution.
It is pretty amazing how they document how Paris Hilton leads the influencer revolution of the internet to self-made online celebrities. She was the first one to become a brand, to create products, become an actress, turn into a DJ, create a virtual avatar in VR, and continuously re-invent herself and up the game.
"I wake up in the morning and check all my social media. I love my fans just as much as they love me. My fans are like my family. I'm on a plane 256 days in a year...but my fans I can truly be myself. They genuinely love me. They say that watching me go through so much makes them stronger and helps them go on," says Paris Hilton #thelittlehiltons #Mom

Josh Ostrovsky

2. The Fat Jewish credits Paris Hilton for the age of influencers. He believes it is going to crash, however. He created a rose wine branded product because he is really good at marketing so that he would have something remain when the bubble implodes.
"If it makes sense, I don't want to be there." says Josh Ostrovsky aka the Fat Jewish, "What I do is cultural commentary. It's a new kind of art form."


3. DJ Khaled saw social media fame coming before anyone did.
"I'm building a brand. It's just something natural that comes out of me. You are looking at 25 years of blood, sweat, and tears in the making. I just had a vision of being one of the biggest music moguls in the world," says Khaled.

Brittany Furlan

4. Brittany Furlan found an outlet for her acting on Vine.
"I had all this content and I would just vomit it out on social media. When you do well and a crowd cheers and they love you, it's the best feeling in the world."

Emily Ratajakowski

5. Emily Ratajakowski found that she could boost her modelling career because of her instagram follower count.
"At first it was just a job for me, and then it exploded online. It's really empowering, when I look back at models and actresses from long ago, everything was filtered through the media. And now I have a direct connection to 15Million people. The control that a woman can have on her own image...It's what 4th wave feminism is about accessibility to technology."

Hailey Baldwin

6. Hailey Baldwin became a model because of her ability to connect brands to an audience.
"When is enough enough? I don't want to watch kids lighting themselves on fire. That's just crazy. What if you woke up tomorrow and you were a nobody, you had no followers and had nothing. Can you go back to being yourself?"

The Flipside of The American Meme

As The American Meme movie moves forward, the stars start to experience the pitfalls of fame. Paris Hilton's video of her having sex with her ex-boyfriend surfaces on the internet and remains a searchable term on porn sites to this day. Everyone was making fun of it on TV, she was hounded by the press, and she did not leave her hour for months because she was so embarrassed. She felt like every single person had watched it and was talking about her behind her back. "It felt like I had been raped," says Paris, "I literally wanted to die at one point. I didn't want to be known as that."
When Twitter shut down Vine, it screwed Brittany Furlan all the way back to ground zero where she has had to start over. Brittany, in searching for roles outside of her own videos on Vine, finds herself unable to be cast for roles because she is seen only as her online persona as "the Vine girl". Before shutting down, Brittany got to experience what it was like when younger demographic came on to Vine, and started to send her hate tweets saying that she was a racist. The tastes changed she found herself at odds with her decreasing audience.
"Don't ever forget that Kim Kardashian was Paris Hilton's intern. I think it's pretty clear, who invented the entire game. Who navigated us into the new world." says Josh Ostrovsky aka the Fat Jewish.


The American Meme lets the viewers come to their own conclusion about the different perspectives: building a brand, monetizing, but no way out. I think that all brands have this lifecycle.


"What he does, has no reflection on his personal nature. He's like an actor. If there's an actor who portrays a character, it's not reflective of the person portraying the character," says the mother of slutwhisperer.
I can't really agree with this statement. We are responsible for what we put out into the world and what remains until the electricity goes out is the internet archive. The comments from the slutwhisperer, his style of photography, and his persona have a dated timeline until the #metoo movement changes the culture of the world to no longer tolerate his style of media - or until his liver gives out. He said in the film that he'd been coughing up blood and he could not remember coming home, what happened at the club, and was still drunk in the morning.

The Fat Jewish

The Fat Jewish got nailed by media for plagiarism so badly that his deals started to fall through with Comedy Central, shows The American Meme Movie. Why did the world come down on the Josh Ostrovsky, was because he was the best at stealing other people's comedy. "I was the first to do it. People found out you could make money off of it, and now lots of kids do it." he says, "The whole thing had been brewing for a while and the movement needed a face, and they put the face on me."

DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled has now put his son on Instagram in order to keep his profile up and as he says, "Keep hustling." The question that was poised by people leads us to wonder as his son grows up and everyone continues to reminisce about his baby Instagram posts, will it have a damaging effect on him as he matures and enters into young adulthood? "When is it enough?" asks a female television host.

What I Found Real

I appreciate how transparent the characters in this documentary film were about the pitfalls and the high moments. They found their humanity again after going through the cycle of face tune and photoshop.

Take Away

The American Meme movie summarizes the influencer's experiences with the takeaway as you cannot be thin-skinned. The internet can be a cruel place and everyone only gets their Andy Warhol 15 minutes of fame. When it's done it's done, says The American Meme Movie.
...Unless you are Paris Hilton, who continues to reinvent herself over and over by building her online megalopolis of 19 different product lines. dog clothes, hair car, makeup, handbags, lingerie, fragrances, clothing that just keeps growing.

Burningman Fashion is Actually Couture Fashion Tech


San Francisco, CA - Most people say that there’s no real fashion in San Francisco. However, I disagree. I have been participating in some “Prepare for the Playa” popup stores where the top festival fashion brands Sell to the Burningman crowd. 

What I have come to notice is that these brands are very high quality and their clothing is made to withstand the 5 days of intense fun on the Playa in a big way, making them very high quality. Festival goers have no patience when paying top dollar for a unique brand for it to fall apart. 

I noticed that the beautiful coats, the apocalyptic A-line outfits, the sparkling flip sequence are all made to not leave a trace after the Burningman principals. 

Many of the costumes are so well thought out and unique that one could consider them couture in the sense that they are custom made designs and one of a kind pieces. 

There seems to be two styles:

Hippy fringe items after Mad Max meets Peru, and techno light up wear that meets the dreams of anyone right out of BladeRunner.

there are also the Steampunkers and the Cirque de Soleil fire twirling entertainers, but they will be outnumbered this year with the iRobot concept that is the theme.

its why our chokers and bracelets are selling so well. They fit into every design style. They fit women and men and they light up the night.

this August 11th marks the final big sale we are participating in with Beyond the Fence, a curated popup store lead by Tamo for the last 12 years. If you are in San Francisco don’t miss it. You will find the coolest underground high quality brands. 

Mine of them being 360Fashion Network x Ledpulse Chokers and Bracelets!

Anina Net 360Fashion Network Launch Products in Target Open House


San Francisco - Today is a momentous day. The model blogger is launching her products powered by 360Fashion Network in Target Open House. It's been a long road and hard work bringing #fashiontech to the forefront. When I started creating wearable tech, smart fashion, fashion tech, iot clothing, VR, AR, and producing my 360Fashion & Tech events - the fashion industry did not want to participate. They often said "who would download an app?" and "No one wants to ruin their image by selling online!" and "Virtual clothing? No one will try on digital shirts!" and the kicker: "I don't want technology in my accessories - I don't want to be tracked!" you carry your phone on you? You are already being tracked.

Times have changed since I started over 10 years ago building fashion tech solutions. Now, 3D Printing is becoming standard and trendy for it's look and feel for futuristic fashion lovers. Smart rings, smart watches, smart clothing is becoming more beautiful. Power is an issue and it's going into our handbags for sure.


So I am super proud to announce ALL our fashion technology products have been accepted into the Target Open House store and we are launching them today in a big event:

Today we are on the front page of WWD and we have been picked up by YAHOO.




What are we launching?

360Fashion Network Re charging wallets

360Fashion Network Smart Safety Ring

360Fashion Network iLLUMINATED JEWELRY with patented Ledpulse module

360Fash Tech "Totwoo Love" Kit

Stay Tuned! This is just the start #makersgonnamake #fashiontech #wearables #iot #smartfashion

PRESS: Page Online Sneak Peek at Qi Suit Powered by Intel Curie


Qi SUIT PRESS TEASER from 360Fashion on Vimeo.

Berlin, Germany - PRESS: have given everyone a sneak peek at our upcoming launch with ROMASTER: The Qi Suit made with the 360Fash Tech "Gesture" Kit. 

The Qi Suit was a particularly challenging creation because of the obstacles we needed to overcome in order to create this incredibly tailored suit by Master Li - the Golden Scissors award winning tailor who recently died, with my work with him as his last great living legacy on this earth. Although I could not speak a single word with Master Li, we had another way to communicate that transcended language: we had the language of innovation. 

Screen Shot 2016-09-11 at 11.30.08 PM

The main obstacle to this project was TIME. We only had 45 Days to complete this project and then launch it at Intel Developer Conference in Shenzhen May 13th, 2016. The second most prominent obstacle was CULTURE & LANGUAGE. The third most difficult obstacle was TECHNOLOGY.

Screen Shot 2016-09-11 at 11.30.27 PM


With only 45 days to complete the project for the Intel Developer Conference 2016, we worked 45 days straight with very long hours up to 2:00AM the next day. We had to figure out the parts, order the parts, test the parts, and then build the LED patterns. Lack of sleep is not a good thing for a team because it leads to short tempers and not clear thinking. Some days we just had to roll up our sleeves and drink a lot of black tea.


With the whole team of 10 people speaking Chinese, I found myself challenged with only translation to help me explain and communicate how to execute the project. We had to revert to a lot of diagrams, and twice I had to pull in my friends who just for their kindness came in and solved the problems late at night. Also in using online project management software, the fashion team had no VPN's and were not able to follow the project in a "modern" way. The engineering team often did not get the whole specifications translated and thus we had mistakes that we had to re-do and would lose time. In these situations it is extremely important to be professional and to put your nose to the grindstone and not give up. To be flexible and willing to give up something but also to go back and re-do, including things that may have been lost in translation. #NeverNeverNeverGiveUp


Currently there are a lot of LEDs out there and we had to make quick decisions on what type we were going to sew into the suit. We made several tests and in the end forgot about LED Strips because it would be prone to fail on the weakest points: the soldering joints at the end of the strips. Flexible LED boards that we cut were too hard and would be extremely uncomfortable for the wearer. The final test, and ultimate choice were the LEDs in shapes on boards. This allowed us to create a poetic pattern, but had big enough holes on the back for us to solder them together with insulated thread.

Stay tuned for more of this epic story and the launch!

Frankfurt Style Awards Sponsorship 360Fash Tech Kits 2016


Frankfurt, Germany - SEPTEMBER 23RD - In my mission to empower fashion designers with good technology, I've decided to sponsor the Frankfurt Style Awards with our 360Fash Tech "Solar Bag" Kit and LED Ribbons. I love that the solar panels are flexible crystalline and 22.9% efficient - the highest efficiency that I have seen in the world. I really want to see what a fashion designer can create with this kit that charges a phone.

The Frankfurt Style Awards are unique because they bring together over 500 schools across Germany to showcase their vision of the future:

"The TOP60 fashion designer of tomorrow are presenting their unique designs in an world premiere. This year the partner country China is in our spotlight. Join us when we clear the stage for the FRANKfurtstyleaward 2016, showcasing a glamorous fashion show and Gala in the Alte Oper in Frankfurt on September 23rd , with a jubilant award ceremony, Chinese show acts, an amazing vocal artist, after show party und many more cultural highlights!"

If you are in Frankfurt and attending the Gala event, we will have a creative space where you can see several of the products made with our technology and meet our local team from International Designers Network.

Part of why I was really interested in this sponsorship with the Frankfurt Style Awards is because our team could reach out to 500 schools and show them how our kits can be used as a tool to teach their students integration and design with wearable computing. With minimal knowledge the fashion teachers can bring electronics into their classrooms with step by step instructions and support. It's really important that the next generation designers have the skills needed to approach the hyper-connected world we are moving into.

In the period from 26 August to 19 September all fashion enthusiasts may enjoy voting on line. On the Facebook page of Frankfurt Style Award you can click through the gallery of finalists and vote by a "Like" for his favorites. The three designs with the most "likes" are nominated for the Public Choice Award. Then on the evening gala on 23 September at the Alte Oper Frankfurt the audience will applaud the winner Frankfurt Style Award and he/she will receive a 360Fash Tech Prize!

After that, and with their new solar powered designs, the new creations will be showcased in the Shanghai during Shanghai Fashion Week 2016.

CRI Radio & TV Interviews Anina Net in Beijing, China about 360Fashion Network

Ever wonder what it is that I am doing in China all this time? Well, here's your chance to see it. CRI Radio followed me around during our 3D Festival rampup and you get to see me building the robotic dress, talking about fashion and tech, and executing the 3D Festival exhibition. It's pretty go-go-go and at the same time it's pretty much fun. It is certainly not easy, but in the world where we get to choose what we want to do, I am following my passion.

Photoshop oh photoshop you are my friend

I used to feel that photoshop was not good in photos, but recently I've changed my tune slightly. You see, often these days photographers don't know how to really make light, so photoshop is their lighting tool. Who wants bad light? It would make anyone look ugly. Light is the key in a great photo to evoke emotions and paint the beauty of a person on film (or digital film). Just like Polaroid film or today's Instagram app, it softens the harsh lack of good light meters in mobile camera's. I think in some cases it makes the photo as we see it with our eye. Not in all cases of course, a lot of it is like oil painting to bring out the fantasy. Yet thank gosh for that magic photoshop cream--it certainly makes me feel beautiful and good about myself image....or that fabulous Instagram app.

Photoshop oh photoshop you are my friend

Photoshop oh photoshop you are my friend

Shooting Chique in Meili Style

It's always a great feeling when a client contacts you saying that you have been recommended for the job. Meili recently has put together a team of people who are performing top level work. Finding a stylist in Beijing is a challenge with an international eye so it was a great pleasure to work with Meili ( and see her bring up the brand to a new level. It was also great to finally work with Chique. It's also great when a client tells you that they will be happy to use you again. All in all a perfect day!

Shooting Chique in Meili Style