Model Shoe Check - China Fashion Week ss2011

Models have the best style and in the ancient times of fashion before there was something called a stylist, the model would do all the styling. Maybe that is why beauty in those days had a different esthetic: models had to have the x factor, beauty, style, and brains.

Today, I do a quick shoe check to see what's coming up on the radar for the chinese market. No better place to catch a trend then on a model's dainty toes.


iPAD Set to Revolutionize the Modelling Industry

It's already happening. I heard some whispers about it on one of my latest trips but this is the first time I have actually seen a model without a book-instead, using an ipad!

It makes sense in a world where magazines are closing and opening online. Where catalogs are getting digitized by MobileMAGS ( With the growing attention to eco leading to a forced paper shortage, models of course would be the first trend setters to jump ship from carrying the outdated, heavy, portfolio idea. And here, a Chinese model is in the lead!

At the Jefen casting the first model I've ever seen with an ipad in hand. I think the main reason would be is if you do a lot of runway, your main source of images are on the internet-so why print them out?

This holy grail of paper has to die in the world. And the iPAD is clearly leading the way. You can't do that on a kindle. I'm feeling suddenly very far behind. . .



Y3 casting china fashion week draws over 40 models

This week it has been non stop foreign brands showing in the china fashion week time. Not in the china fashion week official calendar, but during the fashion week they will have lots of private showings. Makes sense since the buyers will be in town, show it around. New foreign brands take advantage too by leveraging the fashion week hype.

But that means increased competition for models, foreign and local. The Y3 casting drew over 50 models to strut their stuff. I wonder if Mr. Yamamoto will be in town himself?


Dalian Fashion Week

The venue for the show was a new exhibition area called Z28 and was completely modern and so new that down in the basement they were still digging and drying it all out. The team working on the production were super professional regardless of the conditions. The upstairs area was shining and new marble with a huge conference room and a long stage. I think this complex will be a very popular venue and grow quickly in fame as an excellent venue to do fashion shows or events in. On the outside of the building they had a screen projecting the fashion shows and also inside. There was a whole complex of stores attached to the building and the street route was a direct main street towards the center of Dalian. Well positioned. Good venue.


Shooting with Meili Autumn

Meili Autumn has an air of ease about her, but when she puts that pencil to your eye, you are thinking it's a razor for the sharpness of her lines. She's also psychic, as for my Fashionista shooting I wanted to have a makeup that was black and sculptural--she said it first what was my hearts desire.

She's one of China's top makeup artists, born in America, but living in Beijing with her heritage. She's the editor of the China Weekly Fashionista section, a full 2 page centerfold spread featuring someone from the fashion and lifestyle industry in big and bold! Joanna Weidenmiller was in the spread with her Phoenix rising kimono that people still ask me about today (How to top that?! Only with ).

Meili has a way with her brush that is more like an eraser on a pencil that takes away all your little fine lines--physical retouching I'd call it. No wonder she's a 360Fashion Member, she's top in one of the biggest markets in the world!




Super pro, she didnt mind me blogging at all, cuz she's a blogger herself!

Shooting Jefen by Frankie Campaign


Returning from Sydney I rocked into Beijing with a booking for Jefen by Frankie. This year was really different as he had a foreign stylist booked from Paris to do the styling. The other model was local and we had a lot of clothes to shoot. I've been privileged to be booked for the Jefen Campaign for the last 3 times with Tong Kong Studio and photographer Li Tzi. This year I really fell in love with the clothes--they were totally perfect for me! The colors were burnt orange, deep plum, electric lime green, and so many perfect shapes for me. It is really awesome too when you feel beautiful on your shoot.

I'm always a little nervous to rock in with new haircut and I was so surprised when everyone came to me and told me the loved my new look! That is always a bonus. My x-Chinese agency said that I should never cut my hair like this and that I should only keep my long A symmetric look. Not true at all! I love my new cut and also the great color that Hamish Gallianos from People Hair Salon in Sydney cut for me! I am just not sure where I can find someone locally who can do such a sharp cut--then again it is a China look.

Li Tzi and I cant speak together--my Chinese is not powerful enough and he has only photographer English:



"Errrrrmmmm" (makes an unhappy face)


"Anina! I love you!" (my favorite)

I have learned a few things in Chinese that we end up yelling at each other back and forth the whole day laughing, like "YOU ARE CRAZY!" We really love to shout that one and laugh hysterically. I believe that there is a universal language of the heart that transcends words and sound. Because I understand everything that Li Tzi wants and he loves working with me because I can read his photo-mind. The photos are always ground breaking and beautiful that we shoot. This year's photos no exception with Jefen's beautiful collection! The shoes ROCKED!

Definitly one of the perils of modelling is that you want to take everything home with you, thus rendering the money you earned equal to the money that you want and will spend when the collection comes out. Danger Will Robinson!


Jefen by Frankie - Frankie Asks Li Tzi to Sign His Portrait


Before Shooting Frankie asked Li Tzi to to sign his portrait that he shot of him. The thing is that most Chinese characters are compact and small, not big and bravado like French or English handwriting.


So Frankie was asking (what I understood in the universal hand gestures and signs) was that Li Tzi make his signature a bit bigger and more artistic. It was just not really perfect so we all had a big laugh out loud when Frankie knelt down and did a bit of manual artistic retouching himself!


I guess Li Tzi is going to have to get a bit more westernized and learn to write his signature with more GUSTO! Artists have an eye and this is just one more way that the Chinese culture is shifting!

How Many Clothes Can a Model Shoot in a Day?


It is really a shock to any model who walks into an Asian studio for the first time and sees racks and racks of clothing with only being booked for one day. You inhale. You think, my gosh, it can't all be for me. Then you sit down to get your makeup done. You keep casting an eye over your shoulder or listening out for the words, "second day booking" and you don't hear it. You are relieved when the second model shows up...and then you both look at each other disbelieving when they wheel in her outfits. You get your makeup done and slowly start to put on your first outfit. You look in the mirror and you look great. The photographer puts on some super speed music and you straighten your shoulders, look yourself in the eye, and say in your head "This is going to be like lightening!"

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