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Tech Savvy International Model hosts this season’s Underwear of Sweden Parade


Australia’s premiere lingerie brand Underwear of Sweden together with jewellery brand Pandora, are thrilled to announce international model and 3 year Nokia champion, Anina, as the host of the Underwear of Sweden fashion parade on Wed 3rd March 2010.


Anina is the founder of the revolutionary business 360Fashion Network, a net of top fashion professionals using the latest web 2.0 and mobile technology to showcase their art. Anina's mobile game for girls, Anina Dress Up, won the top 10 best business plans at the Mobile Rules contest, and the 360Fashion Mobile Magazine platform she created is starting to buzz with the same intensity around the world.


Anina has a 3 year winning streak for the title of Nokia Champion for her expertise and spice in the mobile world. The crown is awarded to 50 people annually out of 2 million.


Anina’s title as China’s number one top foreign model recently scored her the “Oscar” for it by the Chinese Government. Her international modeling success has had her appear in L'OFFICIEL, ELLE, AMICA, MARIE CLAIRE, HARPER'S BAZAR, and work alongside world renowned fashion photographers such as Javier Valhonrath, Iris Brosch and Fabrizio Ferri.


“I wish to use my image and voice to encourage all women to embrace technology so they will have the possibility to compete in the new digital markets that are emerging globally,” said Anina.


Anina can be contacted for interviews here.

For all 360Fashion Network inquiries, please email: info [at]

Stopping for a Cookie Break with Monty Coles

When I was in Melbourne I had the great pleasure to meet Top Photographer, Monty Coles who has a great blog called THE LOUPE! He'll be blogging the LMFF in Melbourne and he does backstage perspective on the Australian Fashion Scene!

After the GO&SEE he took me to my next casting and then to to a great cafe called COOKIE. I had some great thai food and blogged the cafe!

AFW Trasnseasonal 08 - Daniel Avakian

Australian Fashion Week
9th October 2007

"The beach."

Was the answer given to me when I asked Daniel Avakian why, after studying in Florence and working in London for big names including Alexander McQueen, Giles Deacon, Jonathan Saunders and Alice Temperley to name a few, Daniel Avakian came home to Sydney to launch his solo label with an autumn/winter collection show as part of the slim line-up at the troubled Rosemount Australian Fashion Week

Masses of distressed patent leather, studs, killer heels and silver fabrics all came together in the collection which combined Victorian tailoring with theatrical proportions in a perfect mix which definitely caught the attention of many.

plastic belts by Zoe Mou,

text by: Jessie French


Romance Was Born Fashion Show 07

Romance was Born are notorious for theatrical antics in their shows and their love for themes, this time round they showed us a whimsical play on the 80's hit movie 'Weired Science' which proved to be entertaining and refreshing.

Models wearing swimsuits, hipster jeans, jackets hoodies and all manner of things,  whimsical prints, snake belts voluptuous layered skirts with aplayful mix of attached items gathered up  with a snake belt, decorated with sculptural headpieces from pencils, lightglobes and a wedding cake.

Beyond the theatrics the brands design ethos has a very street couture ethos with a transeasonal edge. Their talent for eclectic whimsical layering and marying of eclectic elements with high fashion cuts and sensibilities makes their work unique and delightfully admirable.

Dude wheres my bra?
2nd image: apart from the witty antics the garment's geometrical design is great.

Wonderful themes and layering of whimsical elements, definately weird science

witty play on the weird science theme married scientists create cupcake girl
2nd image: ingenious layered  translucent silk bubble dress, this is whacky couture.

Wendell Teodoro, Sydney Australia, 4th May

Gail Sorronda Fashion Show 07

Gail Reid is one of Australias new generation rising stars since the inception of her label Gail Sorronda at 25 years of age she has been featured in numerous international editorials and has dressed stars like Winona Ryder, Mischa Barton and Dita Con Teese

After a stint in modelling Gail studied a Bachelor of Arts Degree(fashion and the Build Environment which has given her her unique perspective in strucural design.

This collection showed us her intelligent playfulness with interpreted classical themes in design, flair in structuralism, voluminous shapes, provocative and dramatic silhouettes and masterful tailoring with a sci-fi edge.

The collection also featured her jewellery line 'Visual Slur'  consisting of the 'Catalyst'  headpiece and the 'Symbiotic' cranium headpiece, futuristic metalic designs which she describes as extensions of the body.

This young designer i one to look out for her collection left us inspired breaking new ground with graceful maturity.

volume and structure puffed sleeves and her trade mark cut

masterfully tailored for modern elegence

playful re-interpretations of classic themes

right: layered organza with tiered baloon skirt shows quirky modern and beautiful

Runway ->

Wendell Teodoro

Nicola Finetti Fashion Show 07

Sydney Australia, 2nd May 2007

Nicola Finetti has always been a passionate, devoted pioneer of art and style.
he believes that his life experience carries through to his design methadology from stark architecturalism to romantacism these contradictions define his uniquely intruiging style

His luxe collection showed us post structuralism in design heavily inflcuenced by architectural constructivism and elegant 60's shillhouettes left us enthralled and held us breathless till the last garment left the runway.
Adorned with intricately modern detailing  and modernist eclecticism  the collection was intended for  women who want aren't afraid to explore a new sensuality through modern cuts and space age tactile materials. A sensible  colour palette of greys whites and blacks were juxtaposed with a set of bold yellows and masterfully intertwined to marry the whole sophisticated aesthetic of the collection which shows us the definitive meaning of a true fashion designer as being an academic and romantic in his proposal of fashion.

Flowing elegant empire cut dresses with bell flop shoulders lined with fine detailing, art nouveau laser cut bag design along with space age metalic lustre jackets
showed us the sheer sensibility in Nicola Finetti's understnading of modern femininity

Nicola Finetti studied architecture in Rome before becoming a fashion designer you can see his post design influence in shape folds and layers and intricate continous detailing.

The hair and makeup was conceived to fit in with the modernist aesthetic
not sure what this style is called but i think quite neo sci-fi

Modern elegant takes on infra-apparel detailing and shapes, notice the ultra modern cut and lines on the jacket

Grecian inspired designs so modern eleant yet so feminine, Nicola Finetti shows his masterful handling of cut shilhouettes and textiles

post structuralist fusing on shift dresses and jackets

wondeful tactile materials and impressive tailoring, these must feel great to wear

Nicola Finetti's design elitism is similar to that of haute couture although not ready wearbale for the street
i would classify the orgami derived design on the right to be a work of art contribuing to the prestige of the Nicola Finetti label. The dress on the left shows the intricate interweaving constructive but flowing design aspects of a signature Nicola Finetti garment.

Look closely the flowers are thoughfully constructed interweaved swirls of material

geometric constructivism and post modernist 60's shilhouettes.

Backstage ->
Runway ->

Wendell Teodoro

Camilla and Marc Fashion Show 2007

Sydney Australia, 30th April 2007

Designers Camilla Freeman and Marc Freeman launched off the official fashion week with a hugely anticipated show off site at the Sydney Theatre Company on a warehouse type wharf snuggled in Sydney Harbour with picturesque views of the Sydneys harbour bridge.
Guests settled in a very narow and 1 seat row corridor with windows providing the gorgeous morning light, a perfect format for the collection that featured body fitting jumpsuits, A-line shift dresses and semi layered easy to wear tops all attributing to their new take on futurism and modernism.

The duo's previous collection with sweet childlike silhouettes and quirky detailing were given a backseat to their new harder edged modern aesthetic that had a definate 60's influence.

Camilla and marc proposed daringly short hemlines and revealing thigh high single piece outfits, with a muted modern pallette of greys, whites and browns contrasting pieces were red black and blue shift dresses with open zipper details on the side of the arm. Most noticable piece was an electric blue A-Line dress with a long V line zipper on the front and a long zipper at the back, sporty body hugging jumpsuits were complimented with edgy suit type jackets with adjoining hoods, further to this was a modern take on a 1 piece knitted hood seemlessly attached to a vest which was a highlight

Backstage was beautifully adorned with the morning light contrary to that the format was beautiful in a modern location with the collections signature outfits

Sporty jumpsuits laced with modern detailing were finished off with daring high cuts and heavy heels.
The hair concept featured a blunt fringe juxtaposed with a derrived 60' flow
Another signature aspect to the collection were the modern leather half cut gloves, very european!


Sporty layers and Mini dress with hood, right: a modern take on an empire cut jumpsuit.

A line dress with cowl neck and an edgy shift dress with shinny leather and modern detailing

more here:
Backstage ->
Runway ->

Wendell Teodoro