The Flower of Life

a lot of my work in my art is based on a very basic fractal symbol: the three interlocking circles. i have based the digital archetecture of 360fashion on the flower of life infrastructure. you can read about it here:

Sacred Geometry part 4, The Flower of Life.

Its an act of faith to realize that we are but part of a whole system, that has no beginning and no end. ..But we must study to see this, as the mind recoils at the enormity of it all

We live  with limited perspectives of ourselves,  and we rarely see past these limitations  we bind ourselves to our habits rather than thought.  With a little effort, the study of the Flower of Life and  other sacred geometry help us look through this pretty window to our conditioned beliefs  and see our true selves and realize
that our potential for growth as human beings,  is infinite

ps... The word polytope is used to mean a number of related, but slightly different mathematical objects.

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Ministry of culture

I am now at the ministry of culture to attend a occasion for the Couture fashion collections. Joy said you can never go wrong with a white suite. I am waiting also for vivienne blassel who will be attending also! How perfect!



OH MY GOSH THIS IS, LIKE--SO HILARIOUS. my parents always busted me for saying "like" all the time. jesse from    blog, said, like, that, "These posters were posted around UCSD this week. I don't know who designed and posted them." i find that so hilarious. found it while researching firefox blogs--there's a ton of them out there!(blogs i mean, not like,posters...) the "like" thing is like, an american thing...