Anina Net 360Fashion Network Launch Products in Target Open House


San Francisco - Today is a momentous day. The model blogger is launching her products powered by 360Fashion Network in Target Open House. It's been a long road and hard work bringing #fashiontech to the forefront. When I started creating wearable tech, smart fashion, fashion tech, iot clothing, VR, AR, and producing my 360Fashion & Tech events - the fashion industry did not want to participate. They often said "who would download an app?" and "No one wants to ruin their image by selling online!" and "Virtual clothing? No one will try on digital shirts!" and the kicker: "I don't want technology in my accessories - I don't want to be tracked!" you carry your phone on you? You are already being tracked.

Times have changed since I started over 10 years ago building fashion tech solutions. Now, 3D Printing is becoming standard and trendy for it's look and feel for futuristic fashion lovers. Smart rings, smart watches, smart clothing is becoming more beautiful. Power is an issue and it's going into our handbags for sure.


So I am super proud to announce ALL our fashion technology products have been accepted into the Target Open House store and we are launching them today in a big event:

Today we are on the front page of WWD and we have been picked up by YAHOO.




What are we launching?

360Fashion Network Re charging wallets

360Fashion Network Smart Safety Ring

360Fashion Network iLLUMINATED JEWELRY with patented Ledpulse module

360Fash Tech "Totwoo Love" Kit

Stay Tuned! This is just the start #makersgonnamake #fashiontech #wearables #iot #smartfashion

Sha2017 - Entering the Hacker Zone

I was invited to be a part of a Hacker Camp called SHA2017 which happens only every 4 years in Holland. I was invited to be a part of the Belgium Embassy / Hardware Hacking area by Mitch Altman.  I met Mitch in his trip to Beijing setting up the iCenter hacker space at Tsinghua University and we got a fashion tech ardruino class going. 

Mitch invited me to come and teach about etextiles and do workshops with the #LEDRibbon. He said that I should branch out into the maker scène. Indeed, it was the best experience ever and I met a community of people really open and highly intelligent! I could talk to anyone about technology.

The thing I also really enjoyed is how very experienced engineers also took the time in their day to come to my workshop to pimp their tshirt, and also see what I was doing and offer more advice, help, and teach me. I got real knowledge and I got solid foundation in some key areas such as PCB design.

I can't say the camping part was successful, as I got hypothermia on the first day and suffered from a terrible cold for the full 5 days, but the knowledge and exchange with people was with the suffering.

 Everywhere I went people I met enjoyed my perspective on security, fashion, and technology. We brainstormed about how to create encrypted jewelry, secure communications, and my most recent topic: hacking cars.


on the flash talks my friend encouraged me to get up on stage and give a speech about fashion tech. 

You can watch my flas talk here but bear in mind it was on a camping and I was really sick! FAs Forward the video to -13:45 sec Watch here.


PRESS: Queen of Raw about Anina Net

Screen Shot 2016-09-11 at 11.09.47 PM

New York, NY - Thrilled to be the topic of conversation on Queen of Raw! They really summed it up what I have been explaining in my many speeches and events. I really do believe that we need to get technology in the hands of creatives, and overcome obstacles to making it accessible. This will allow the masters of lifestyle (fashion brands) to start to bring technology into our everyday lives.

It's what I am working to bring together with hardware, e-textiles, and fashion over at our 360Fash Tech Lab in Bejiing, China these past 7 months creating our solutions. When I"m prototyping, I really would like to snap together pieces to try how things work, and I would like to be able to quickly get the hardware to do what I want using Visual Programming.

Read the interview here:

Read more about 360Fash Tech Kits here:

Anina Net to speak at Fashion Fusion Conference Seoul, Korea October 8th

Fashion Futures International Symposium

October 8, 2016 Anina Net will be speaking at Fashion Futures #FF2016 in Soeul, Korea.

What am I going to talk about?

Well, of course I would like to talk about our 360Fash Tech Kits and showcase some of the fashion designers who have been using our kits to create smart fashion and smart accessories that use IOT to connect and react to the world using wearable computing. Everything is built into one kit, a fashion tech maker kit, or fashion maker kit. 

The other thing I would like to share is all the other fashion tech labs in the world and what they are doing. With Lisa Lang in Berlin, to Anouk Wipprecht at Codame, to The Craft cropping up, Amanda Cosco with her Electric Runway,  and more!

I want to talk about the challenges of creating a fashion tech competition, workshop and lab.

I"m going to showcase for the first time the Qi Suit by ROMASTER.

I hope to arrange some meetings in advance. There is a fashion tech accelerator in Seoul, Korea, and I hope more fashion tech companies will contact me or research and development organizations. There's so much coming out of Korea in terms of 3D Design and e-textile development that I have been reading about lately.

Really looking forward to going to the future!

Looking Back at the First Fashion Tech Blogging Conference in Paris 2005

Looking back over the years, I"m thinking back to the launch of 360Fashion Network and how I worked with Loic LeMeur who was with Six Apart at the time, Xavier des Horts from Nokia, and how it has lead me to where I am today of producing some of the biggest fashion technology events in the world. 

Breezing back through google and remembering also the bloggers that I started such as Diane Pernet, Imran Amed, Erin Fetherston, and more, I knew at the time that blogging would evolve into the standard of the web because it empowered people to have their own voice.

Loic LeMeur's blogpost about the first fashion blogging conference in Paris, France 2005.

Here is the list of the first fashion bloggers on the radar in Paris, France 2005.

Some promotion of the first fashion blogger conference and launch of 360Fashion Network.


At the time, I asked all my friends to start blogging: one photographer (Sonny Vandevelde), one journalist (Diane Pernet), one business person (Imran Amed), one model (Anina Net), one hairstylist (Patrice Delaroche), and more....and they agreed simply to help me as I had this plan to use my name and image to influence women to enter into the world of technology and get fashion tech going with more brands using technology (which they didn't want to at the time such as Marco Laconte points out at my event in New York at the time!).

First-Fashion-Blogging-Conference-2005-360fashion  First-fashion-blogger-conference-2005-360fashion10

For the event I had 3 areas: one area that was an installation where I explained in a physical format what is a blog. I had each person in the 360Fashion Network choose 10 photos, a quote, and a physical object to support the explanation--plus I had printed out the blogs so that people could actually SEE what was a blog.


Then I had a great interactive cocktail area where I had a huge metal net on the wall where I asked people to take photos, have them printed out wirelessly, and then write a physical blog post on a card that looked like the inside of a blog, and pin it to the net wall (effectively making a physical blog post).





By the end of the conference, the wall was full of photos and physical objects, and blog posts. It was a fun exercise to help people understand what was a blog.



(I wish I could find that photo of the panel discussion)

After the cocktail and the exhibition we started the conference and had over 50 people join us from both tech and fashion. You may recognise some of the regular suspects but it was fun to have the 360Fashion bloggers share their experience and explain why they were blogging, and what they thought of it/how it was helping them connect to the world. The other interesting fact you may like to know is that they were all blogging from their mobile phones--which I had to configure at the time from scratch every time they went to a new country, and it took me 2 hours to get the smtp server info from the operators (who instead wanted to sell me a mms package, but I had to insist to give me the gateway so that I could send photos, text and video directly to the Six Apart Typepad blogs). At the time, Nokia were the first ever to be able to LifeBlog.

At the time, I didn't realize that I would be creating the blueprint for my 700 square meter exhibitions I do in China with 110,000 people, or fashion and wearable tech runway shows with exhibitions and 500+ C-Level attendees at the IBM-360Fashion & Tech "Startup Runway & Innovation Awards". Yet looking back as I see my wikipedia page, I see that this was indeed the beginning of the fashion tech movement that I've been in for 8 years and that it was always a love of mine to use Art and Media to explain technology. What a super fun trip down flickr's memory lane. Funny how it was on October 3rd, and my events are all on the 3rd of the month...Please have a look at the first fashion tech blogging conference photos here:




CRI Radio & TV Interviews Anina Net in Beijing, China about 360Fashion Network

Ever wonder what it is that I am doing in China all this time? Well, here's your chance to see it. CRI Radio followed me around during our 3D Festival rampup and you get to see me building the robotic dress, talking about fashion and tech, and executing the 3D Festival exhibition. It's pretty go-go-go and at the same time it's pretty much fun. It is certainly not easy, but in the world where we get to choose what we want to do, I am following my passion.

Dedication to Going Paperless

Happy Chinese New Year!
This week of "time off" for China has been used for sleeping, eating, and scanning all my documents - plus writing my biz plan for 2014. It's going to be an exciting year if I can keep my mind under control from depressing negative thoughts that plague the entrepreneur as one reaches for the impossible. But that's another topic.

Paperlessness. In my deep dedication to eat my own dog food (MobileMags) I have scanned over 55 kilo (more than my own body weight) in documents: completed contracts, misc articles in magazines (from airplane trips), press articles about past company achievements, and 500 business cards (when will the biz card die?). Thank goodness in China you can burn things on the street still cuz all those confidential phone numbers will go up in smoke with some joy for the old pyromaniac in me.

Still!! I cannot go zero on the paper. Current contracts, business cards I can't part with for visual reminders, bazillion modelling it the paper hoarder in me who thinks, "one day when I have my own home I will want to frame them and hang them on the wall. Or share them with my nephews when they are old enough to care..." Right. My mom says to pitch it all...legacy...what do you all think?

I'm in a moment to pivot: stay in China or return to USA. So I better get light weight. Only 23 kilos allowed. It seems impossible. In one year the lease on my flat is up and I will potentially move. So I want to get rid of everything as I dream to exit with one suitcase. Right...I cling to books and start to read them and even scan them to turn them into iBooks so I can have them with me always. Still I feel guilty for throwing stuff away!!! Terrible!

YING Ying is moving to San Fran and she just chucked it all did she do that so easy? You gotta tell me your secret Ying Ying...

My wardrobe clothing is next. Get ready clothes from modelling days, I am kissing you goodbye as soon as I finish meditating on the key phrase, "You can't take it with you when you die."


My parents are doing the same as they grow older. They don't want to leave us with the job of clearing up when they leave this world. Some things they will keep I hope, like the family jewels and those photo albums. But their attitude is...chuck it. And as Edward Cullen said to Bella Swan..."in a century everyone you know will be dead, so problem solved." I've been twilight-ing it in the last week. It is true. Who will care about my modelling photos in a century? No one of my nephews will want to keep all those books of paper photos and there will be no one to remember me by.

Except my blog.

Thank you Sixapart. Although I am not blogging like I used to, I love my blog. It remains for proof of my being the first in many things. And proof of my existence. And it's paperless.

Going paperless is not so easy--it's like a zero mailbox. I think I can cut down, but it's never gonna be zero. But I will strive for letting it all go.

Get lighter. Go paperless. Become mobile. This year is going to rock in every way.

Dedication to Going Paperless

Chinese New Year 2013

Beijing, China -- So no one thought that we could survive the Mayan calendar end, but who anticipated surviving the Chinese AIR...


You really have to keep an eye on things. I started to question why I am in China and how much damage I'm doing to myself and is it worth it? I look at my friends in NYC and I think of those 4th Avenue Days & 14th, fresh juice bars every block, yoga every 5 minutes. I dont have to stop to think about my friends in Los Angeles, how they wake up every day with the SUN and just stepping outside their door is pure heaven of nature within 1 hour in every direction, rock climbing in Yosemite. I understand why people choose to work in a grocery store instead of a skyscraper, and instead scrape by because they can then dedicate their weekends to camping, hiking, rock climbing. So what am I doing this for? For getting rich? For protecting myself in my old age? I have seen some people who did that then get sick and they had nothing to fall back on except their friends and asking them for money because they could not pay for that operation etc. That somehow doesnt seem right. I dont want to be like that.


At the same time, I wonder what I'm doing here in China. Joanna got out with her husband Ryan and went to Silicon Valley. I thought they would be here forever--especially since he has a big fund here that he has to run. How can he do it from overseas? And Joanna jetting back and forth across the ocean also must wear on her body. I cant figure out what is worse--pollution or planes? How does it all balance out? And how do the carbon miles add into the equasion? I guess when she and her husband go for a walk along the water and dip their toes in, the salt wipes it all away. I see the lovely photos on facebook of all the nature they enjoy. I cant remember the last time I saw pure nature.

Maybe, I should want for less. Opa Art always says "Less is more."

My friend Thomas Reemer, his wife, and I went out to Ying Ying's birthday party and afterwards I showed them the private club. We had a great time talking and Thomas said there was a book that was pretty short that summed it up that most likely the Earth will be hit by a commet so you'd better enjoy it all now. We talked about his two children and the type of life they are being born into--what is that going to be like in 2030 when they are older (they are 12 and 15 now but looking more like 15 and 17!). Thomas says that the world will be full of people and that we had better come up with synthetic food to subdue the masses. That there will be a war of food soon. Funny, there was exactly that being developed and won the technology award in France was the synthetic protein being developed from mushrooms and insects to feed animals instead of feeding the animals what we feed them: their own bodies. Makes me glad to not eat meat that thought. Mushrooms are a great solution though. I wonder if it can be one day for humans. The whole conversation with Thomas reminded me of the movie Daybreakers--and how the movie showed me what would happen if the world ever got into food problems. I recommend it, one of my favorite movies.

Ok, back to's 0:22 and I have to meet the Chinese government tomorrow to give them a demo of our AR app and MobileMags. They are going to sell it to their clients--that's why I'm here, because who else is in position now to create such massive change to move the fashion industry away from paper? 360Fashion Network MobileMags awesome do-it-yourself flyer app solution and 360AR.

Lets see what the future holds...