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I hope you are well and safe and indoors during this pandemic. I have been in China since December and I can assure you that we are already bouncing back after two months of confinement and working at home.

Last year I invested in online event software and live streaming. I coincidentally last year had planned THIS year to be a year of online events for 360Fashion Network. How serendipitous!

Thank you for joining us last year for the Diversity Meets Technology Online Summit last year. As my special guests, I would like to invite you to our latest online event:

Digital Fashion Online Summit
This Saturday and Sunday | March 28th - 29th, 2020

This two day online event for marketing managers, investors, product directors, and online strategists. Speeches are starting at 10am and running all day every hour.

Learn from the leading technology experts which tech to invest in for 2020 to bring your brand online and to lead. Don't "wait to see" - jump ahead! With the year starting off with COVID-19, many events have been cancelled, with people traveling less, and turning to online for entertainment, shopping, and connection.

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How can brands stay in front of their eyes and create a meaningful connection? Using 3D e-commerce, Fit Technologies, Live Streaming, and Artificial intelligence to predict, connect, and create a sustainable future! Now is the moment to tech-up to make it to the end of the year!

In light of the many businesses that will face a hard time in the next months, I created a free VIP ticket for the first 50 people who register here with this link. Last time they ran out fast, so please register quickly.

Join to learn about companies like Stylumia, who can help you predict your production and sales:

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I'm super excited and encourage you to seize the moment of the world coming online with me.

360Fashion Network
Digital Fashion 2020 Online Summit
March 28th & 29th
See you on the online summit?

360Fashion Network

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