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San Francisco- Today I got to preview the movie “I feel Pretty” with Amy Schumer. Even though we took a vote and most people gave it a 4.5 I think it’s a great movie and I watched parts of it twice. First, it’s a fashion film and I really enjoyed to see Amy transform into a super fashionable person who made the best of her appearance despite not being a Twiggie fashion model thin. I think this film is a great example for women in the plus size category to dress. She wore high waisted pencil skirts in bright blue, and short mini skirts in pink and her evening party dresses flattered her body well. I think it’s a go to film for positive body image and for looking at what fashion can do for plus size women. 

Of course the ending was a bit lame with the whole “that’s me...and that’s me...” revelation, but everything up to that was really light and funny. I would not have made the boyfriend choice she made but then that again comes down to self esteem and what you think you are worth and what you want. 

Another two surprises were Naomi Campbell who had a cameo/role to play...not sure of her acting skills. Yet the really outstanding role besides Amy, goes to the CEO of the company with the tiney voice who’s always trying to prove to her grandmother that she’s doing a good job. I liked this character because it portrayed a new kind of woman ceo: one that is tuff and leads but is smart and chooses Amy for her dedication and go get it attitude plus love of her brand, even if she doesn’t fit to the typical stereotype model receptionist face of the brand. I like the way she also intelligently respects and asks Amy’s character for her opinion on their Target diffusion line and advances Amy’s character.

This is a great film for those days when as a women entrepreneur you feel beaten to the ground. It shows that by developing your self confidence and relentless attitude with bold unappologetic abandon, you can forge ahead no matter what and go get your dreams.

As I am also collaborating with Target,

with my products currently on display at Target Open House San Francisco, CA, I was glad to see the brand associated with this positive body image and woman self confidence film.

A 6.8 - 7 movie in my rating. A 9.8 for fashion in a Zoolander kind of way!

Anina Net 360Fashion Network Launch Products in Target Open House


San Francisco - Today is a momentous day. The model blogger is launching her products powered by 360Fashion Network in Target Open House. It's been a long road and hard work bringing #fashiontech to the forefront. When I started creating wearable tech, smart fashion, fashion tech, iot clothing, VR, AR, and producing my 360Fashion & Tech events - the fashion industry did not want to participate. They often said "who would download an app?" and "No one wants to ruin their image by selling online!" and "Virtual clothing? No one will try on digital shirts!" and the kicker: "I don't want technology in my accessories - I don't want to be tracked!" you carry your phone on you? You are already being tracked.

Times have changed since I started over 10 years ago building fashion tech solutions. Now, 3D Printing is becoming standard and trendy for it's look and feel for futuristic fashion lovers. Smart rings, smart watches, smart clothing is becoming more beautiful. Power is an issue and it's going into our handbags for sure.


So I am super proud to announce ALL our fashion technology products have been accepted into the Target Open House store and we are launching them today in a big event:

Today we are on the front page of WWD and we have been picked up by YAHOO.




What are we launching?

360Fashion Network Re charging wallets

360Fashion Network Smart Safety Ring

360Fashion Network iLLUMINATED JEWELRY with patented Ledpulse module

360Fash Tech "Totwoo Love" Kit

Stay Tuned! This is just the start #makersgonnamake #fashiontech #wearables #iot #smartfashion