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Several people on Facebook have been asking me if I am changing careers because I am being featured in more movies of late. "More" being the 4 that I have participated in small roles but secondary lead roles. I have also been in more videos and documentaries and TV commercials.


The funny thing is with all of these, is that I just play myself on TV. Every role I have gotten is actually me and something that has happened or is happening in my life. So it is very easy to say the lines and call up the emotions.


The answer would be, no I am not changing careers- I have a full time job being the CEO of 360Fashion Network and I don't have time to go on castings every day. But at the same time, I have been a fashion model my whole life until now, and if there is time and I can fit it in- it's a nice break from the pressure of raising a company. At the same time my goal has always been to make tech cool and to attract more women to a technology career. The modelling and acting keeps my feet on the ground and makes my life fun and glamour Lis.


Now the main difference is that I'm making products with partners and brands, so I get to be my own model in the product photos or the video which is really for me the combination of what I stand for and want to promote, and what I love! 

With all the Uber talk and women rising to important positions, I think there's nothing wrong with wearing many hats and doing many different things according to your skill set. Often times if I leave things into the hands of people I don't know, it's not done the way I want. So I put on the hat of producer, or model, or actor, and CEO. That's what really being CEO of a startup is in my book: it's the person who is willing to roll up their sleeves and dig the ditch if no one else can or is willing to do it. It's the person who is able to get the job done, and done well. It's the person who doesn't let the ship sink while watching the problems happen. It's the do whatever it takes to float and then, eventually to get that albatross into the sky to soar like an eagle.


I organized the second 360Fashion & Tech Forum meet-up and it was a success. We showcased the Azreal YM smart glove and we talked about the state of fashion tech. I really enjoyed to see the designers speak openly about their design concept and the engineers answer highly complex technical questions from our sophisticated audience.

you can read the full breakdown on the blog of 360Fashion Network.