Anina Net to speak at Fashion Fusion Conference Seoul, Korea October 8th
Frankfurt Style Awards Sponsorship 360Fash Tech Kits 2016

PRESS: Queen of Raw about Anina Net

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New York, NY - Thrilled to be the topic of conversation on Queen of Raw! They really summed it up what I have been explaining in my many speeches and events. I really do believe that we need to get technology in the hands of creatives, and overcome obstacles to making it accessible. This will allow the masters of lifestyle (fashion brands) to start to bring technology into our everyday lives.

It's what I am working to bring together with hardware, e-textiles, and fashion over at our 360Fash Tech Lab in Bejiing, China these past 7 months creating our solutions. When I"m prototyping, I really would like to snap together pieces to try how things work, and I would like to be able to quickly get the hardware to do what I want using Visual Programming.

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