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Berlin, Germany - Fashion Tech Berlin - Premium 2016

Berlin, Germany - #FashionTechBerlin Was a great experience and I am really grateful to be included and have had the chance for Michal Starost to join us and showcase his #RoboticDress along with showcasing RFactory Motion Dress, and LIBET LED Bags. The exhibition was really beautifully put together by #Elektrocuture and Lisa Lang, and we met so many new talents through the exhibition.

I also got to know new people in person, whom I had only met through twitter or seen online. One of those people was Muchetta from and the other was Amanda Cosco from Electric Runway. Both outstanding women with a clear vision of the future. 

Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 12.00.15 AM

It was a great experience to be on the OTHER side of an event instead of organizing it - which Re:publica and Premium did an outstanding job at getting us all there, set up, and speaking. They were really flexible about presentations too. Coming from China there was no way to send all the videos with the great firewall blocking the uploads. 

The exhibition attracted a lot of diverse people: from students, to journalists, to fashion brands - each one was really interesting to talk to and hear their feedback on our LED Ribbon and our 360Fash Tech "Robotic Dress" Kit. The exchange of information, the thoughts of the future, were all diverse. Some designers said they didn't want everything connected in the future, and that some things should remain "offline". Others expressed their interest in stepping a toe into fashion tech but didn't know where to start. Many were really wide-eye'd at what is possible and super keen to come with us on envisioning the future.

The Fashion Fusion contest was launched and the finalists have been chosen #FashionFusion is a great platform where we will see what kind of innovation comes out of it? Lead by Lisa Lang and there are designers in residence, the quality will be very hard to beat in turning those ideas into realities. #congratulations


Frankfurt Style Awards Sponsorship 360Fash Tech Kits 2016


Frankfurt, Germany - SEPTEMBER 23RD - In my mission to empower fashion designers with good technology, I've decided to sponsor the Frankfurt Style Awards with our 360Fash Tech "Solar Bag" Kit and LED Ribbons. I love that the solar panels are flexible crystalline and 22.9% efficient - the highest efficiency that I have seen in the world. I really want to see what a fashion designer can create with this kit that charges a phone.

The Frankfurt Style Awards are unique because they bring together over 500 schools across Germany to showcase their vision of the future:

"The TOP60 fashion designer of tomorrow are presenting their unique designs in an world premiere. This year the partner country China is in our spotlight. Join us when we clear the stage for the FRANKfurtstyleaward 2016, showcasing a glamorous fashion show and Gala in the Alte Oper in Frankfurt on September 23rd , with a jubilant award ceremony, Chinese show acts, an amazing vocal artist, after show party und many more cultural highlights!"

If you are in Frankfurt and attending the Gala event, we will have a creative space where you can see several of the products made with our technology and meet our local team from International Designers Network.

Part of why I was really interested in this sponsorship with the Frankfurt Style Awards is because our team could reach out to 500 schools and show them how our kits can be used as a tool to teach their students integration and design with wearable computing. With minimal knowledge the fashion teachers can bring electronics into their classrooms with step by step instructions and support. It's really important that the next generation designers have the skills needed to approach the hyper-connected world we are moving into.

In the period from 26 August to 19 September all fashion enthusiasts may enjoy voting on line. On the Facebook page of Frankfurt Style Award you can click through the gallery of finalists and vote by a "Like" for his favorites. The three designs with the most "likes" are nominated for the Public Choice Award. Then on the evening gala on 23 September at the Alte Oper Frankfurt the audience will applaud the winner Frankfurt Style Award and he/she will receive a 360Fash Tech Prize!

After that, and with their new solar powered designs, the new creations will be showcased in the Shanghai during Shanghai Fashion Week 2016.

PRESS: Queen of Raw about Anina Net

Screen Shot 2016-09-11 at 11.09.47 PM

New York, NY - Thrilled to be the topic of conversation on Queen of Raw! They really summed it up what I have been explaining in my many speeches and events. I really do believe that we need to get technology in the hands of creatives, and overcome obstacles to making it accessible. This will allow the masters of lifestyle (fashion brands) to start to bring technology into our everyday lives.

It's what I am working to bring together with hardware, e-textiles, and fashion over at our 360Fash Tech Lab in Bejiing, China these past 7 months creating our solutions. When I"m prototyping, I really would like to snap together pieces to try how things work, and I would like to be able to quickly get the hardware to do what I want using Visual Programming.

Read the interview here:

Read more about 360Fash Tech Kits here:

Anina Net to speak at Fashion Fusion Conference Seoul, Korea October 8th

Fashion Futures International Symposium

October 8, 2016 Anina Net will be speaking at Fashion Futures #FF2016 in Soeul, Korea.

What am I going to talk about?

Well, of course I would like to talk about our 360Fash Tech Kits and showcase some of the fashion designers who have been using our kits to create smart fashion and smart accessories that use IOT to connect and react to the world using wearable computing. Everything is built into one kit, a fashion tech maker kit, or fashion maker kit. 

The other thing I would like to share is all the other fashion tech labs in the world and what they are doing. With Lisa Lang in Berlin, to Anouk Wipprecht at Codame, to The Craft cropping up, Amanda Cosco with her Electric Runway,  and more!

I want to talk about the challenges of creating a fashion tech competition, workshop and lab.

I"m going to showcase for the first time the Qi Suit by ROMASTER.

I hope to arrange some meetings in advance. There is a fashion tech accelerator in Seoul, Korea, and I hope more fashion tech companies will contact me or research and development organizations. There's so much coming out of Korea in terms of 3D Design and e-textile development that I have been reading about lately.

Really looking forward to going to the future!