Frankfurt Style Awards Sponsorship 360Fash Tech Kits 2016
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Berlin, Germany - Fashion Tech Berlin - Premium 2016

Berlin, Germany - #FashionTechBerlin Was a great experience and I am really grateful to be included and have had the chance for Michal Starost to join us and showcase his #RoboticDress along with showcasing RFactory Motion Dress, and LIBET LED Bags. The exhibition was really beautifully put together by #Elektrocuture and Lisa Lang, and we met so many new talents through the exhibition.

I also got to know new people in person, whom I had only met through twitter or seen online. One of those people was Muchetta from and the other was Amanda Cosco from Electric Runway. Both outstanding women with a clear vision of the future. 

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It was a great experience to be on the OTHER side of an event instead of organizing it - which Re:publica and Premium did an outstanding job at getting us all there, set up, and speaking. They were really flexible about presentations too. Coming from China there was no way to send all the videos with the great firewall blocking the uploads. 

The exhibition attracted a lot of diverse people: from students, to journalists, to fashion brands - each one was really interesting to talk to and hear their feedback on our LED Ribbon and our 360Fash Tech "Robotic Dress" Kit. The exchange of information, the thoughts of the future, were all diverse. Some designers said they didn't want everything connected in the future, and that some things should remain "offline". Others expressed their interest in stepping a toe into fashion tech but didn't know where to start. Many were really wide-eye'd at what is possible and super keen to come with us on envisioning the future.

The Fashion Fusion contest was launched and the finalists have been chosen #FashionFusion is a great platform where we will see what kind of innovation comes out of it? Lead by Lisa Lang and there are designers in residence, the quality will be very hard to beat in turning those ideas into realities. #congratulations