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Barcelona, Spain -- Mobile World Congress was a huge event for the technology industry--and now fashion thanks to Kim Arazi from N3 and 360Fashion Network. Off the plane I was so exhausted from the 18 hours of travel and then straight to work for getting the last items for the exhibition. Kim and I ran around the city looking for clear boxes to put all the great wearable tech inside to keep them secure and safe. We finally found them with white pebbles to make them look elegant.

Sometimes as leader you have to just roll up your sleeves and dig in to take the opportunity in the hand. It's exhausting when there's not enough time, budget, and manpower. Yet opportunity only knocks when you are ready to leap in and go to the next level. You can choose to stay where you are and wait for everything to be right--maybe that's just for the very well established and famous. For me, I'm still building brick by brick, territory by territory, millimeter by millimeter the 360Fashion Network to be the leading fashion and technology event producers in the world. To make our events strong we have to jump at the main opportunities. That means no sleep sometimes. That means pushing beyond human capacity. That takes super model strength. 

I have to admit though that this trip I was pushed to the limits and beyond. To the point of hallucination and lack of sleep...yet it's bearing fruit.

Now if only LUFTHANSA WOULD FIND MY LUGGAGE! That's the only thing I have to say: LUFTHANSA SUCKS! Terrible service, terrible flight, and they cannot find my luggage. Lufthansa, you are no KLM, no DELTA, no VIRGIN ATLANTIC. You need to locate my luggage instead of saying "we have no information" and "we have no feedback from Barcelona and Frankfurt". I have very valuable things in my luggage that you cant replace. Step up your efforts LUFTHANSA!