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A New Kind of Supermodel

In 2004 I launched my brand in an art exhibition together with the art posthume in Moliere's house in Paris. The exhibition was called "A new kind of supermodel" where I said through my exhibition, in the future it wouldn't be enough to just be a pretty face. That fashion models would need to be brands and use media and social media to promote fashion houses. They would need to be brand ambassadors, spokes persons. It has now come to pass.

The law of this world is: Evolve or be eliminated. Frogs are going. The rainforest is going. And so too must models evolve to stay competitive. This Kardashian debate of what is a fashion model, is the same as what is happening in fashion: Will the future of high-fashion be defined by high-design, or by high-technology?

In the same way models must become more than clothes hangers. They must become names. They must stand for something. They must have their "angle", their selling point and they must be smart and charismatic. They must command attention on social media as much as in a room. They must evolve or the industry will default to Kardashian style celebrity models. Name and status and connections, or "guanxi", have always gotten one in the door. Once in the door--its up to the individual what happens next.

Maybe middle eastern style is now "in" so Kendal Jenner has her moment on the stage. But can she change and adapt like the chameleon Linda Evangelista? Does she have the courage of Kate Moss? The lion heart of Naomi? Fashion changes so fast. Only true models can adapt to the trends. Those who cannot will fade away down the social media feed.