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Laser Dresses designed by Michal Starost and powered by 360Fashion Network

I recently attended the 50th birthday party of a fashion tech legend, Scott Jordan who makes Scottevest. I wore, upon request, the laser dresses created for the GSMA - 360Fashion & Tech Runway Show.

It was a big hit with my friend Robert Scoble taking very beautiful photos of me. Many women said they would love to wear them. The lasers made it look like atoms were flying around your skirt.

The dresses were also on display at the 3D Festival during Beijing Design Week. They were sponsored by Polish tech company Softax.




BTV & Chaoyang News Interview Anina Net

At the Embassy of Poland Event showing the GSMA - 360Fashion & Tech Runway Show I was interviewed by BTV for ChaoYang News about wearable technology and fashion. I said that we need to move wearable technology out of the sportswear industry and into high fashion. We showcased the misfit shine jewelry and dress created with Michal Starost. The sports tracking jewelry is suitable for women who love fashion, and one of the Misfit shines can be "plugged in" to the dress or jewelry in order to keep tracking, but doesn't have to look like a sportswear device.