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360Fashion & Tech Exhibition at CHIC2014 Beijing China

Beijing, China - The 360Fashion & Tech Exhibition 2014 took place at the W1 Hall at the CHIC2014 and it was packed the entire time as people entered the exhibition with full anticipation from last year to learn about new technologies to bring their businesses forward. They were not disappointed. Many people had never seen 3D Printing before in action and Tiertime UP! Printers were humming at top speed to produce the rings. The CHIC2014 brought new faces to the scene with many brands looking to solve the problem of their overstock, how to extend their retail space, and the major buzz word was to bring their newly created e-commerce stores into harmony with their retail spaces. Our 360AR solution for creating a Virtual Boutique was a major success. Many brands found the presentation their overstock as a virtual interactive experience a excellent solution to their retail space.

No one yet knows the "right" way to bring the virtual and physical worlds together, however we are 1000% sure that Augmented Reality is the way forward. Building 360AR interactive retail experiences will certainly keep visitors entertained, longer in the store, and give them the feeling of co-experiencing the brand.

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