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Dedication to Going Paperless

Happy Chinese New Year!
This week of "time off" for China has been used for sleeping, eating, and scanning all my documents - plus writing my biz plan for 2014. It's going to be an exciting year if I can keep my mind under control from depressing negative thoughts that plague the entrepreneur as one reaches for the impossible. But that's another topic.

Paperlessness. In my deep dedication to eat my own dog food (MobileMags) I have scanned over 55 kilo (more than my own body weight) in documents: completed contracts, misc articles in magazines (from airplane trips), press articles about past company achievements, and 500 business cards (when will the biz card die?). Thank goodness in China you can burn things on the street still cuz all those confidential phone numbers will go up in smoke with some joy for the old pyromaniac in me.

Still!! I cannot go zero on the paper. Current contracts, business cards I can't part with for visual reminders, and...my bazillion modelling photos....is it the paper hoarder in me who thinks, "one day when I have my own home I will want to frame them and hang them on the wall. Or share them with my nephews when they are old enough to care..." Right. My mom says to pitch it all...legacy...what do you all think?

I'm in a moment to pivot: stay in China or return to USA. So I better get light weight. Only 23 kilos allowed. It seems impossible. In one year the lease on my flat is up and I will potentially move. So I want to get rid of everything as I dream to exit with one suitcase. Right...I cling to books and start to read them and even scan them to turn them into iBooks so I can have them with me always. Still I feel guilty for throwing stuff away!!! Terrible!

YING Ying is moving to San Fran and she just chucked it all away...how did she do that so easy? You gotta tell me your secret Ying Ying...

My wardrobe clothing is next. Get ready clothes from modelling days, I am kissing you goodbye as soon as I finish meditating on the key phrase, "You can't take it with you when you die."


My parents are doing the same as they grow older. They don't want to leave us with the job of clearing up when they leave this world. Some things they will keep I hope, like the family jewels and those photo albums. But their attitude is...chuck it. And as Edward Cullen said to Bella Swan..."in a century everyone you know will be dead, so problem solved." I've been twilight-ing it in the last week. It is true. Who will care about my modelling photos in a century? No one of my nephews will want to keep all those books of paper photos and there will be no one to remember me by.

Except my blog.

Thank you Sixapart. Although I am not blogging like I used to, I love my blog. It remains for proof of my being the first in many things. And proof of my existence. And it's paperless.

Going paperless is not so easy--it's like a zero mailbox. I think I can cut down, but it's never gonna be zero. But I will strive for letting it all go.

Get lighter. Go paperless. Become mobile. This year is going to rock in every way.

Dedication to Going Paperless