Who am I? Rapunzel?

Movie: GIA - A must see for any model

First let me say, the actress is amazing and looks exactly like the model GIA. So many times people in modeling have showed me those famous photos in black and white of the women smoking on the stairs ... and I didn't know it was the model GIA until I watched the movie. It was so good, I watched it 3x. A must see for any model.

It shows so clearly that in modeling how personality is the key. When she walks into Wilhelmina and there is the sea of blonde models and she carves her name with a jackknife on the receptionists table, great. Loved it.

Then how it shows that model agents really push models to make money when they are hot, regardless of their mental state is also true--like when GIA goes to meet Willy in the hospital and she asks to take a break and Willy tells her that she has to keep going. Maybe if she had had a break she wouldn't have gotten into drugs like she did. 

After that it was all down hill and she got into heroine and cocaine and it's a very sad story because she got AIDS (whatever happened to it? I never hear about it anymore!) and then she dies.

Super movie. Must see for any model!