How often do you meet a kindred fingered spirit?
Movie: GIA - A must see for any model

Who am I? Rapunzel?

Beijing, China -- Sometimes I have to just laugh as I remember certain shoots after the magazine comes out. That hair was so incredibly big and heavy! I think he put 3 packs of hair inside. All I could do was push it back away from my face or you would have had to call a doctor for respiration machine. It had a mind of its own. In adverse hair situations I recommend asking for a fan. You can use the fan to blow the big (or bad) hair around and hope that another angle will improve the scene. Of course if they have lacquered it down with glue hairspray, you are pretty much out of luck, in that case tell the photographer you are dying of the heat and blow it at your face so it will blow away from the camera. Your face to be on the magazine is more important for recognition than being swallowed up by heaps of hair extensions!