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Who am I? Rapunzel?

Beijing, China -- Sometimes I have to just laugh as I remember certain shoots after the magazine comes out. That hair was so incredibly big and heavy! I think he put 3 packs of hair inside. All I could do was push it back away from my face or you would have had to call a doctor for respiration machine. It had a mind of its own. In adverse hair situations I recommend asking for a fan. You can use the fan to blow the big (or bad) hair around and hope that another angle will improve the scene. Of course if they have lacquered it down with glue hairspray, you are pretty much out of luck, in that case tell the photographer you are dying of the heat and blow it at your face so it will blow away from the camera. Your face to be on the magazine is more important for recognition than being swallowed up by heaps of hair extensions! 


How often do you meet a kindred fingered spirit?

Beijing, China -- As the summer passes, our interns, like flocking birds return to their homes.

I've been extremely blessed with three outstanding interns, Jimme, Max, and Ryuki. All of them have helped me bring 360Fashion Network forward in leaps and bounds. Jimme was our video editor for 6 months and on the last day I discovered on the same finger he had a scar like mine. His points to the side and mine points up! You can see all the fantastic videos he edited for us on out channel. Max an Ryuki manned up our paperless mobile campaign in Germany during Berlin Fashion Week and they finished up with great video tutorials teaching how to create your own 360Fashion MobileMag ( soon to be uploaded in English and Japanese!

Its wonderful to have a diverse team and in interviewing new interns I see that many more Austrian-Chinese, Thai-Chinese, and American-Chinese are all flocking to China to reclaim their heritage and see the opportunities around. I am excited for the next batch, but sad to see the last ones go. Thank you all for you excellent attitudes and efforts.



Meeting Masters

Beijing, China -- Working with Zao Boa is not only a great experience, but an intercontinental one. When you are on a shoot where no one speaks English, its a challenge. As a model you have to be watching his every move, glance, and action--which most times is very hard with Asian people, they don't express in their face like western civilization. Its important to take other clues, such as, where is the light, what is the setting, what can the clothes do. For example, the big gold dress was very wide, not tight. To express its fullness I was flipping it to get this diagonal angle to play against the lines in its ribbing. If I had just let it there, without walking or spinning it would have hung there like a limp rag. It was screaming to be flung, floated, or moved. The texture was soft and spun sunlight. As a model its your job to feel the atmosphere and clothing and light to blend it together and give the photographer a feeling to capture with his magic eye.


Great to be at Ethical Fashion Show Berlin and Green Showroom Berlin

Berlin, Germany -- It was a pity that I could not personally fly to Berlin to participate in the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin and Green Showroom due to a really important appointment. 360Fashion Network is the official mobile sponsor of the two events, having created the MobileMags event guide for them. I'm super grateful that our photographer, Thomas Nasarek, could stand in for me and he did such an awesome job of communicating with fashion brands etc and running between fashion shows to shoot them. Thank you so much Thomas! You are a superstar! Thanks for carrying our campaign for reducing the paper waste during the fashion weeks with mobile technology!