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Bridging Hemispheres

Beijing, China -- Today I was invited by the Municipal Government of Internet and Mobile to give a speech at a private conference about how businesses can go overseas. So I made my topic 10 Tips for building the bridge. They are:

1. Understand the foreign perspective
2. Get a good translation of your app
3. Define your target demographic
4. Find local partners
5. Have good customer service
6. Visit your target country
7. Get into the local scene by joining conferences and local events
8. Have unique features
9. Become a hybrid app with east and west social sharing
10. Offline & Online play together in your app
11. Become the bridge for a growing global world we are building

I received many feedback that I woke everyone up and gave them very practical steps to follow. After I had an interview with the organizer about my speech. I got a certificate also. Another plaque for our company wall.


China Gamers Club Beijing

Beijing, China -- Yesterday over 50 gamers got together to drink Beijing home brewed beer. The talk was about story lines, plots, and code. I even got a veggie burger--yum. Patrick headed up the gig and made a call out to everyone who will be at China Joy. Really a great meeting and the brewery was amazing to have so many beers home made. I am a juice girl, and with such a tasty burger of tofu, I will for sure join next month!