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Shining out with Fashion Tech Clothing

Berlin, Germany-- this week 360Fashion Network highly refractive clothing makes its debute at a special conference called Future Thinking with CEO of Paishouba, a company I just redesigned their app for music, will be speaking. We built also NFC into his cuffs to quickly network with people by shaking hands, literally!

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The pinkness of life

Beijing, China -- I"m having the time of my life--I got the best roommate in the world: Paulina! She is indeed so sweet, a fashion model, and a business woman! She so smart and gives me great advice about handelling things. She does both modelling and consulting with her boyfriend. We get along so well, and I couldnt wish for someone better. Thanks to Michael Kuntz for finding her!

Its so funny though how our styles clash: I"m black black black and a bit rocky, and she's miss pink! We spend hours on Taobao though when we are supposed to be working combing through clothing and shoes. I generally ask her opinion--and she asks me for tech stuff. We make a great pair. I'm thinking to start the AninaPaulina or PaulinaAnina show where we pick through Taobao and then link to the stuff we think is HOT.

What do you think about this latest picks of pink from the princess of P?