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Harbin Fashion Week 2012

China = Change

This is China. You go away for 3 weeks and come back to find they built an entire subway line that wasn't there before. Amazing.

Its also rapid pace withso many events, promotional opportunities and ever growing customers who can pick and choose to the point of boredom.

Although the west is winding down, China is full steam ahead rushing to gain capital ground before the Chinese holiday season, New Year.

Off the plane, I'm slowly starting to see my old schedule of every month travel to Europe returning. My team is growing and the potential projects for next year are giant and of course all at the same time.

I truly enjoyed the BeyondBerlin conference, opening my eyes to sustainability and the supply chain was enlightening. The thing is, that due to my activities in China, I'm actually in the position to DO something about it. I actually can raise awareness for it.

The Open-Strategies and New Thinking company also opened my eyes and mind: I liked best the phone recycling workshop. I deal so much with phones, to learn what pollutes, what can be recycled, and what are the components in a phone that cause unrest in Africa.

An enlightening place we live, this planet, and exciting people in it.

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