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Mobile Asia Expo Reflective QR clothing by Aurelien Lecourt

Shanghai, China--You know when there's a genius in the house because things start getting innovative and interactive. The QR clothing that Aurelien Lecout designed for the Mobile Asia Expo was so popular! Everyone stood quietly there as I took their photos, but every reaction was the same: a double-take look at the camera screen and see how the flash highlights the QR Code design and say "WOW!" Then they start snapping away with their own camera. We had great people come to our exhibition. So proud to see them!

Anina WP7_002315.jpg

Anina WP7_002315.jpg

GSMA Mobile Asia Online Expo Shanghai, China 2012

Shanghai, China -- It was thrilling to give a speech at Mobile Asia Expo. The venue was packed with Fashion and IT people! It was thrilling and we had the lucky draw at the end of the event. Here you can find the winners with the CHIC 20 Year History Book.

In my speech, titled "How mobile will revolutionize the fashion industry" I talked about NFC and how it can be used for authenticating clothing as real instead of fake, how QR codes need a re-vamp and when technology people create tech, they should think about the aesthetics, not just the functionality. I explained how fashion mobile customers are, what they want, how they buy. After I went around the room and asked people in the audience what they thought. It was great to share!

201206 129.jpg

201206 129.jpg

GSMA Mobile Asia Expo: Mannequins Just Stand Around

Shanghai, China -- Mannequinns! They never know what to do except
stand around and pose all day! My gosh--real models have so much more
LIFE in them. That's ok though because these figures are for our
exhibition about Mobile & Fashion at the MAE on June 20-22nd. If you
are in Shanghai, you dont want to miss it! Contact us for an

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GSMA MAE Backstage -- Getting Ready!

Shanghai, China -- The building is starting to happen and the day is
drawing closer to the GSMA Mobile Asia Expo where 360Fashion Network
will showcase a portion of the China International Clothing and
Accessories Fair (CHIC) exhibition. Esmod Beijing will participate
showcasing their winning fashion designers with a high-tech edge, then
also Elisabeth de Senneville showcasing her techo-fashion fabrics, and
our great honor to showcase Bas Kosters ss2013 collection of mobile
phone designs! There will be a surprise QR Code experience that I'm
not going to tell about now..but it's really revolutionary with light
and linking.

The building is started and the 360Fashion team will start heading
down to Shanghai tomorrow to build it up.

2012-06-18 10.12.34.jpg

Mountain lion features for china

It's pretty impressive how Apple is the first mover. Often we all know that integration with China must happen (we did it long ago with Anina Dress Up app because we knew it was important) but no one wants to be the first mover. Here's comes Apple-hurrah! As a hybred twitter/weibo person with Renren accounts and Facebook, it's frustrating to have the twitter/facebook blocked in China, and no way to hit that SHARE button and send it over to weibo/Renren. It's also annoying to have to always switch back and forth between Wubi Xin and American keyboards. Now, with improved text input and built-in support for popular Chinese Internet services, iOS 6 makes iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch even better for Chinese-speaking users. With a new Chinese dictionary and improved text input, typing in Chinese is easier, faster, and more accurate. You can mix full and abbreviated Pinyin and even type English words in a Pinyin sentence without switching keyboards. With support for over 30,000 characters, iOS 6 more than doubles the number of Chinese characters supported in handwriting recognition. And when you add words to your personal dictionary, iCloud makes them available on all your devices. Baidu is a built-in option in Safari, and you can share videos directly to Youku and Tudou. You can also post to Sina Weibo from Camera, Photos, Maps, Safari, and Game Center.

Fashion & Mobile Exhibition in Shanghai June 20-22nd

(Shanghai, China) 360Fashion Network has been invited by the Mobile Asia Expo (by GSMA) to create an 250-sqm FASHION AND MOBILE ZONE during the expo that is be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from June 20th – 22th, 2012. The zone showcases how fashion brands can harness the latest mobile technologies in their brand building, retail space, and advertising campaigns in cooperation with CHIC Fashion Expo Beijing.
The zone is open to the public during GSMA's Mobile Asia Expo. According to Anina Net, founder and CEO of 360Fashion Network, the zone allows visitors to experience the power of Augmented Reality, QR Codes, and Near Filed Communication (NFC) as presented on the three different walls of the zone. Visitors can also download Anina Dress Up ( Also in OVI store!) game for girls displayed on the fourth wall to any mobile phone along with 360Fashion News ( & ) and 360Fashion Look-Book app ( on N9 (
“We have been hosting CHIC for the last 20 years; with 360Fashion’s participation and support, we are able to show the world that we are in pace with the new technologies for fashion brands,” said Mr. Chen Dapeng, Executive Vice President of China National Garment Association.
Imagine seeing someone wearing a great outfit. Now imagine placing your phone next to it so it can identify the type of fabric, the designer, or where it was purchased. Sounds impossible, right? It’s not – so stop by and see it in action!
The exhibition will showcase Bas Koster's ( new Mobile Fashion SS2012 collection along with Esmod Beijing ( designers, new QR reflective clothing, and Elisabeth de Senneville's ( work on the exhibition floor.
Shanghai New International 
Expo Centre (SNIEC): 
Entrance Hall 2 (North) 
2345 Longyang Road 
Pudong, Shanghai, 201204 
(located at Fangdian Road, near Huamu Road, beside Kerry Parkside)
(Friday, June 22nd 2012) Anina Net Founder and CEO of 360Fashion Network will give a speech in the INNOVATION HALL TWO N2, about HOW MOBILE WILL REVOLUTIONIZE THE FASHION INDUSTRY. In this speech Anina ( will talk about how NFC will turn the retail space into a fun experience, and clothing able to authenticate. QR codes will catch onto designer's hang tags in order to download their Apps and keep their customers close. How Augmented Reailty ( will change the face of Advertising campaigns and make them jump alive, and 3D spring out of the catalog pages. How body scans will lead internet shoppers to the right products for their body shape. This and more Anina will share the 360Fashion Network ( vision of the future of Mobile.

Screen Shot 2012-06-13 at 8.01.10 AM.png

Embassy of Morocco

Beijing, China -- I was really lucky to be asked by Zora from Esmod to
participate in a fashion show at the Embassy of Morocco. It was
exciting to step out of the common clothing we wear every day and
experience for a moment what traditional clothing was like. The
Ambassador's wife was very gracious and had designed some pieces that
were a mixture of modern and traditional. She did a great job because
I think that how she brought the coats together over comfortable
clothing really made it wearable. The Embassy itself she had improved
to bring in a more traditional feeling with the wood. I think she did
a great job of putting more Morocco into the Embassy estate.
Generations after her will enjoy the fruits of her labor. Woman Power!





Coding with AppsFireBoost

Today I was coding the 360Fashion Mags (
APP to have the new AppsFireBoost sdk. It's really so easy that even a
fashion model can figure it out! If you download my Anina Dress Up
game ( or 360Fashion Mags from itunes you will
find that there's a great notification bar--in multiple languages!

Putting in the AppsFireBoost into your app is really like putting
fired-up rocket boosters on your app--it's a great way to recommend
other apps inside the app, to send notifications: like telling
everyone to check out the latest M:/P Magazine ss2012 Trend guide
that's in the 360Fashion Mags app, or telling my Anina Dress Up fans
about the upcoming Mobile Asia Expo event and inviting them--in
multiple languages!

I think that every app developer should put it in their apps--then we
could cross promote really easily! Anyone out there with AppsFireBoost
already installed, please contact me because I'd like to recommend
your app inside my app and vice versa!

Screen Shot 2012-06-09 at 12.45.30 AM.png