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Anina Dress Up Featured on RenRen APP Portal

Beijing, China -- After all the paperwork, google translate, back and
forth to get it all sewn up right, it's very satisfying to see my APP
featured on the RenRen portal. It took a long time to get the APP to
integrate with all the Chinese social media. The rewarding advantage
to integrating RenRen API is that they have their own APP portal:
iPhone and Android and can feature any apps that integrate their

RenRen as you may know is one of the largest portals in China and the
"Facebook" look-alike. They have a lot of students on their portal and
even offer branded pages (for a price $$$) unless you are a superstar:

I'm excited to be featured on the portal because I think that RenRen
is the right demographic for Anina Dress Up: Asian, Young, Learning.
Forging ahead I wonder how many foreigner APPS are actually on the
portal--placed there by foreigners? I am excited to see on AppAnnie
how this increases my downloads!