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What is NFC? NFC是什么?NFC means “near field communication” system.

NFC Technology

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1、What is NFC? NFC是什么?

NFC means “near field communication” system. It uses an RFID tag and a built-in mobile phone reader to pass information between objects when touched together. An example of NFC is when people scan their Beijing metro card to enter the train area. The metro card uses an RFID chip to pass information to the metro card and allow the gates to the train area to open. The most common form of NFC used in fashion is to track freight on clothing items or shipments to protect against lost or stolen materials.

NFC是指“近距离无线通讯”系统。当两个物体相接触,它使用一种射频身份识别标签和一种嵌入手机的读码器,将信息从一个物体传输到另一个物体上。举个例子,当人们在乘坐地铁的时候刷卡进入,“一卡通”内就有一种射频身份识别芯片,它可以把信息传输到“一卡通”中。从而刷开地铁的闸机门。在时尚界, NFC功能普遍用于记录服装或者货物的重量,防止物品遗失或被盗。

2、How to use NFC and the ESMOD Technology Textile Collage? 如何使用NFC和ESMOD科技纺织品拼贴画?

a. Using the phone provided touch the phone to the fabric on the wall. 请使用所提供的电话接触展示墙上的纺织品。

b. The phone will vibrate and ask if it should display the information, click YES 电话会发出震动声并询问是否需要显示信息,请点击“是”。

c. The name of the fabric and information will be displayed on the screen of the phone. 电话上会显示出纺织品的名字和相关信息。


3、How can I use NFC in my business? 我如何在经营中使用NFC?

NFC can be used inside physical stores to download coupons and discounts from posters, create check-in areas for VIP guests, or link to additional information in the store environment. It can encourage new customers to come inside and try new collections, download an app to the mobile, or watch a video. NFC is useful because it is a 2-way communication and can be used in customer loyalty programs and events.


Innovation Table from Innovation Days Holland

Appledorp, Holland -- Sometimes you just have to be the round peg in the square...table. Last year I gave a speech at the Tax Government of Holland's Innovation Days Conference. A conference designed to inspire the 40,000 employees at the tax office in Holland to get innovative. Unfortunately, only about 1000 employees come to the conference...and I guess it's because all the rest somehow don't believe in waking up from their comatose state. The managers and the CTO all want everyone to come, but it's a long road ahead to motivate their staff. 

The conference was so great that I actually went back the next day and talked to more people. It's just like that, you can sit there and decide to just "do you job" or you can rise up yourself, meet the call, and give more than you have to in the situation. So I did, because they inspired me! I really felt that the leaders were wide awake...I could see it in their eyes! So I went back the next day even though I didnt have to, sat in a corner and anyone who wanted to come and talk to me I would talk to. I had a group of about 20 people around me and we were all discussing about technology, innovation, and the challenges they had to step out of their safe holes and get into the program. What program? Well the tax office offers 5000 euro to any employee that wants to innovate. It can be a trip around the world, or start up a project--anything that will in the end result in them creating something new. They have to apply and be approved, but sadly again, out of 40,000 employees only 17 applied and only 7 people actually followed through into the program!

I talked to the people who were around me, some were thinking about getting into the program, some were already in the program. The ones who were thinking about getting into the program mostly were afraid of failing, or afraid that their idea was not yet totally formed. I explained to them the concept of "pivoting" that my friend Ali talked to me about...that as you move towards where you think your company should be going, if you find that it's not working, you just have a look at what IS working, and move in that direction--ie you pivot the company in that direction and keep going. 

Often times I liken being a good entrepreneur or CEO to the speech that the CEO of Pepsi gave to the Yale entrepreneurs program. She said that being a good CEO was like being the captain of the ship and it is the job of the CEO to be the see farther than anyone else into the future, and then to steer the ship in that direction. She said that it's really hard because the other members of the crew cant see that far to the "land" so to speak, and may not even believe that there is land in that direction! So the job again of the CEO is to convince everyone to row in that direction before they mutiny.

Anyway, I just shared with them my thoughts about this and what I learned along the way, and encouraged many of them to get into the program. It was a great day.

So how does this relate to the picture of this desk? Well, on the way to the conference I was told to stop and get a piece of wood. So I picked up a gnarly stick, which was not really what the organizers had in mind but I insisted! Everyone that brought a piece of wood went to the carpenter and he then would put it on the table. I said that sometimes an organic piece of wood placed in a certain way, was just what you needed in order to "disrupt" the perfection of all that perfectness.

And here it is. They actually followed through, put the piece of wood exactly where I said it should go, and this is what it looks like. It's really awesome that they did it!


CHIC 2012 & 360Fashion Network "Fashion & Mobile" Exhibition

Beijing, China -- Another big step forward and a dream realized for me. I have always wanted to build a big exhibition for the fashion industry to show how to use mobile technology. I was honored and excited when the CHIC Fashion Expo asked me to create a 800 sq meter exhibition about Fashion & Mobile. I decided to make it really simple with 4 walls and on each wall 1 technology that is advanced but able to use today, in order to clearly teach how to use it.

I wanted to make the walls much higher than 4 meters, but there were regulations on how high you can go, but the main feeling was I wanted these big walls (8 meters) and tall walls, first to make people feel the size of technology, how bit it is and how it really is so important to us today--there is nothing without technology really that we use in this day and age. I wanted also to keep the walkway open, as this is the first area after the gates to enter the exhibition. I wanted everyone to pass through it, not go around it as I noticed people did in the past years of CHIC in this space. I wanted it open, white, big, and like a museum effect, so as to catch people's attention in their busy rush to do business. So they would stop for a moment and learn something. 

It was a great success as you can see from the photos, many people stopping, trying, learning.

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