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Look #1 of the Outlet App by Net-a-Porter

As we lean into 2012, with savings on our minds, I turn my thoughts more and more into the Chinese way of sharing and making money circulate, I see more and more places where brands could reward their fans with points through promoting the products that they love and stand behind to others who can use them. In China, affiliate word of mouth promotion is a great business model that keeps the money circulating. As my company business manager said to me, "I don't mind to make a little money but from many sources." The same principal was presented to me by my social media partner regarding blogging in China, when he said, "We have an automated tool that spits out a lot of blog posts across many blogs returning a few clicks from every page."

My plan for 2012 is to focus on affiliate fees as I have seen this working very well in China on sites like Douban. It is my recommendation to Sina Weibo and RenRen to charge a small percentage on each transactions for ecommerce but let the setup integration be seemless and free for verified users to connect their online stores to their Weibo (Chinese twitter) accounts. I suggest Twitter to copy cat China with photo montage and ecommerce, along with allowing me to become voluntarily verified.

I plan to bring greater connectivity between content and ecommerce and help influence marketing flourish in the growing age of the economics of free that we are moving into in 2012. I am preparing a manifesto on what needs to be done for women in tech.

Yes, it's happening again, I'm testing another Net-a-porte app. This one is cool too if it can be posted to my blog and have the items be connected to the real items and I could earn an affiliate fee as a promoter.

I've been Karlified in 2011

I've been Karlified. I admit it, after meeting with the digital girls from Net-a-Porter in London, I have to admit I was curious enough on my iPad to try out the Karl app. On the second day of Christmas I donned my shades and put on a Chrisp Karl shirt to wish you a Happy Holiday season.

Karl by Karl Lagerfeld is available exclusively at NET-A-PORTER.COM from January 25. Prepare for the release by Karlifying yourself.