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CREATE & INSPIRE at Lane Crawford Beijing

Attending events is an important part of modelling--being seen and seeing who's who. Yesterday in Beijing there was a big event for the launch of the new Bazaar ART magazine and everyone was there. Lane Crawford events are like going to a fashion, luxury Disney Land, where everything you want to dream up is possible. Even if you are not booked for the fashion shows it's great to find out what parties and events are happening because people from all over the country attend and you never know what interesting people you are going to meet. Open your mind, put on your heels, and have a reason to dress up! Don't stay too late otherwise you can't get up for your castings the next day, but do stick around to make some new friends. If you don't know who to talk to, just pick out the most fashionable bright people in the crowd and pay them a compliment on their outfit--ask them who is the designer, what they do, and how they like the event. You'll be snapping photos and making friends in no time!



Model Tip: Strutt your Stuff, Getting Ready for Fashion Week

Chinafashionweek It's getting to be fashion week in China and soon there will be so many casting and fittings and big competition between the Chinese models, the western models, and everyone else. Body size will be a major issue along with height and makeup. How to know what the designers want and how to get that job?

First, you need the perfect Casting Dress. It should be black and slim. If you hips are a bit bigger, wear a bra to increase your bust size and choose something with a slight A-Line.

Second, your makeup should emphasize your eyes but not be too heavy. Shadow with some brown or line it with some black, but make sure your features stand out with any spots covered up, dark circles whited out, and some gloss on your lips. If you have a round face, contour under your cheekbones with a slightly darker base or powder, if you have a long face soften it with some rose on your apple cheeks.

Third, she shoe is so important. It must be high high high. It must be black. It must be comfortable to walk in, it must give you support, and it must be fashion. No exceptions to the rule, you must make sure your shoe fits you Cinderella.

Fourth, cream for your hands, cream for your legs, cream for your hair, you should sparcle and shine. Don't forget to moisturize your feet, hands, lower legs, and thighs the night before your castings so that the skin is popping and smooth. Get a petticure, a manicure, and make sure you have rubbed off all that dead skin from your heels.

Fifth, relax and do some walking at home. If you have a mirror, great, if not get a friend to come and watch eachother. Feel what it feels to walk down the runway. When you are in the casting pretend you are on stage at the Chanel show in Paris. Cop an attitude they want to see power down the runway.

How technology can improve your wardrobe

How technology can improve your wardrobe.
"In 2005, when I introduced mobile blogging to the fashion industry, no one knew what I was talking about," says Beijing-based catwalk model, tech entrepreneur and founder of 360Fashion Network, Anina, who is known professionally only by her first name. "I was lucky to find people like [photographer] Sonny Vandevelde, [blogger] Diane Pernet and [designer company] Eley Kishimoto to agree to let me build them a blog and then convince them to blog from their mobile phones. Today, 13-year-old bloggers sit in the front rows and are the most influential people in fashion."

Anina and Zanita shooting for M/P Magazine in Sydney

I was so thrilled when I finally got to shoot with my blogger and model soulsister, Zanita. After following her for many months she finally had a moment to shoot with me and the photos turned out so magical. Here is my backstage story with videos where I share with you the full scenario, and here is the post about the shooting on Zanita's blog.