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GRAND KAM FAN AWARDS 2010 Ceremony Hong Kong, China

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I had the great pleasure to be invited by McCann Erickson HK, to the prestigious Grand KAM FAN 2010 Awards Ceremony in Hong Kong, on November 26th. It was a glamorous event with all the top advertising agencies in Hong Kong. I was invited to give some awards to winners and I was one of the judges for the "Most Glamorous Man & Woman" attending the event. I was thrilled to be able to attend such a high profile event in Hong Kong and pick out a dress to wear from my friend Ahlaiya's exclusive shop "Creatures": A&B G/F, 14 St. Francis St. Wanchai, HK +852 25201912 Awesome clothing by appointment only! See some of the photos here.

Outside the dinning room, they had an exhibition with the finalists on display. The most thrilling of them all was the April Fool's Day Metro Campaign where users were allowed to write stories about Hong Kong about what will be in the future. The best stories were printed on April 1st and distributed throughout the city. All the stories were available to read online and it was really an exorcise in showing the concerns of the people and their thoughts about what the future will hold. Totally successful!

The winner was Leo Burnette for their IKEA "Curtains" campaign where in theaters they had a trumpet sound and then the curtains reveal some curtains, then another trumpet award to open those reveal more curtains...and so on until the final curtain (I believe these were even shower curtains!) with the screen showing IKEA. Really simple, really got the point across!

Another one I really enjoyed was the organic baby food with the trees on the diapers...very funny, and the Financial Times sent a ken doll to every customers saying that they had the perfect reader for them and outlined the demographic. Very funny. The diamond advertising was interesting and very detailed but very hard to read. I had to stand with my nose almost to the paper to really see all the diamond cutter drawings. Another one was for Greenpeace, with tiretracks--but when you looked closely you see the polar bears jumping from the melting icecaps. A work of art.

I fell in love with Hong Kong and it's tiny streets, and the desert of the evening was the treat to go to KEE Club (most exclusive club in HK) where Peter Kruder from "Kruder and Dorfmeister" was playing! I am not a girl that goes out all night but the music and the people in the club were too awesome to leave earlier than 4am!


I just participated in one of the most interesting fashion shows for a makeup school here in China. Really amazing clothing created by a young designer specially for the fashion show, and the show was actually more creative: they didnt want us to walk like a fashion model down the runway. They wanted us to interpret the dress and to walk down the runway with some character.

As I always do, I did was they asked and I went down the runway thinking about the movie, Memoirs_of_a_Geisha, and what I was worried about was that the other models would not do that--they didnt--but my Lauban (my boss of my agency) called me after the show and said that he was really happy with my performance. In China, and I think in all the world, it is important to give customer satisfaction: make your boss happy, they will give you more work, and they will trust you more.

I think it's really amazing how there is so much opportunity in China. Here this makeup artist opens a small school, yet he produces such a great show. I bet in few years Tony Studio will have another competitor in the market. Right now he's "small" but with such a big international vision, he will soon become big in China. No doubt.

I really enjoyed the show and you can see more photos on my Chinese twitter account (weibo) here:



Anina's Mad Adventures and 360Fashion Network Update

I wanted to send you an update as to what has been happening with 360Fashion and myself. We have made major steps forward.

Before I say anything, we have updated the 360Fashion website and technology: . Our designer, Fred Lin has done an amazing job at bringing highlight and communicating our services in a visual way. It was not easy to find a balance between the two opposing forces of fashion and technology! Thank you Fred!

My journey began by flying back to Europe as the 360Fashion Reporting team was at the London Fashion Week. I have to say that the London Fashion Week is a great venue for fashion brands with an edge to get a great visibility. I think that the On | Off is an excellent venue to showcase your brands, along with the BFC. There were some other venues, Fashion Fringe, great for students. I wore designer, Bas Kosters clothing, everywhere in Europe, and so many people fell in love with his designs. . He even got some great blog posts out of it on one of the most beautiful blogs, Chocolate Pop

Next, I flew to be a key speaker at PICNIC conference, one of the most famous for technology in Europe in Amsterdam. Our mobile magazine technology was totally embraced by several fashion companies in Amsterdam immediately: Bas Kosters, ROPAROSA, Hempworks, all had great downloads and response to their mobile look books! I think that PICNIC is really one of the top conferences--oops! No, it's not a conference, it's a Festival! They have yurts, and people not just from technology industry, but creative industry, biochemical industry, and advertising industry all mixed together under one Westergasfabreik roof (and Yurts--did I mention the Yurts?) with areas for mixing music (it was my favorite activity) and playing Microsoft table, talking with Vodafone in the Vodafone lounge, amazing food (wow those pumpkin ravioli!), picnic tables, and the showcase of local companies where you could walk around and introduce yourself and learn what they were doing (I met a great shoe company doing sustainable stuff , and a great company EYE AM connecting designers and textile companies with innovative fabrics--one of our newest memebers in 360Fashion!). I highly recommend PICNIC as one of the top conf--I mean--festivals to attend in the world.

You can see the live stream of my speech here:

Then I flew to Sydney Australia where 360Fashion sponsored the
Fashion Palette conference with our innovative mobile application, live
reporting, and live event technology:

Then I stayed and did good sales of our mobile technology and services, also having new members join our network such as SneekyPeak, Wilson & Hunter, and more coming to you soon with our latest technologies.

I flew back to China on the 17th and went straight into fashion week castings. I
was also invited by the China Fashion Association to speak at a conference
opening the China Fashion Week on 3G technology (you can watch the

This was a major honor and something that I will never forget as an experience!

And then I did the fashion week, reporting, casting, etc.

Last, 360Fashion Network had a big conference on INTERNATIONAL BRAND BUILDING, where 100 top
CEO's from major fashion labels east and west attended. We flew in
speakers from Italy, France, USA, England, and had local speaker from
China's EVE Group (they do "NOTTING HILL, EVE DE UOMO" brands etc.). I
would have loved it if you would have been there but I could not get
your contact information in time. Joanna Weidenmiller gave an excellent presentation of our technologies to the China Fashion industry. She's an amazing speaker and so proud to have her as a partner in 360Fashion Network. It is because of her, that we are turning around, have a new website, and creating strong business models.

So, yesterday I took a rest, and today it's back to work, modelling, 360Fashion-ing, and busting entrepreneurial moves!