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Speaker at Picnic

It's confirmed! I'm a speaker at the tech conference Picnic. Going to be talking about Mobile and Creative industries, social integration, advertising and about bringing it all full circle to end in a sale! Pullin' a 360 on stage so who's going to Picnic? I want to meet up with you! My speech is on the 23rd and I'll be there for the rest of the days. Please get in touch with me! I want to meet up with you.


Europe Calling

So while I as in Europe last time, it was beautiful sunny weather with the sun shining and I got to ride the boat to Nokia House that was so lovely down the river. The new Nokia house France is AMAZING. I think it's the newest and most beautiful Nokia House I have been to in all the planet. My contacts also told me that it is totally eco building and carbon neutral. Awesome! I loved the green grass painted on the glass, the eco wood inside (a touch of Finland Bauhaus) and the cafeteria had the most healthy food I have yet to see at a company. They even had a patio garden where they can eat outside with a mini forest. Nokia France, truly a place to want to work these days.




Bas Kosters

While in Amsterdam the last month I had the great pleasure to meet and "hot desk" in Bas Kosters studio. He has a really fast internet connection and a free desk. I've been after him for so long to be in 360Fashion that I was shocked at the FasterKlass during Amsterdam Fashion Week when I was really speaking about technology when he came up to me and said, "You know Anina, what you say makes a lot of sense, I think I should start with a blog." I almost fell off my chair, but I was standing--so no chair. He kindly offered me to come to his studio and I tell you, it was so inspiring!

Not only does Bas have a full-on work ethic, he also really treats his workers well. He invited strongly all of us to sit down together and take a break from computering and eat together. I asked him later why did he do that, and he said because he actually believes that it builds good worth ethic, ambiance, and team spirit to take a break and sit down and eat. It most certainly did give me a break (I can computer for 12 hours and never get up, never eat a thing!) and actually made my work more effective. So, thank you, Bas for that lesson.

As a thank you for his generosity and kindness, I shot a video for him and then he in exchange had me model for him--the good vibes were flowing everywhere! I am really looking forward to get Bas into 360Fashion and his brand up to speed on the internet and mobile. For now, he's doing the live streaming on our facebook application--great that he did a live painting of shoes. Check it out! If you dont know Bas Kosters, you soon will--he's really amazing!



NYC Fashion Week: Swarovski's Model Casting Call

Do you have what it takes to be the
next big fashion model? Swarovski wants you!

For fashion's
biggest night, Swarovskii has partnered up with top modeling
agency, Wilhelmina Models, to host a model casting call and styling
event in celebration of Fashion's Night Out, an event designed to
celebrate and support the fashion and retail industries.

casting call has officially begun and if you and your readers want in
all you need to do is send the following info to
a recent photograph 
2) your measurements
contact information e.g. phone, email etc 

will then select the future "Naomi's" and "Crystal Renn's" of NYC for
a callback to Swarovski's Rockefeller Center
boutique on Sept. 10, the day of Fashion's Night Out. One lucky aspiring
model will win a wardrobe of Swarovski
accessories along with the chance to sign with Wilhelmina.

Thilda as Anina Dress Up

Today was a very busy day for sure and I get home very late to my house. I had a car crash yesterday in a taxi so my legs will need retouching major on my shoot tomorrow (very very black and blue--oops!)

I got home to a nice email from Thilda from EleyKishimoto playing around with my Anina Dress Up game and she said, "I've made a few outfits to try it...this one is me. I have these clothes and apart from the red hair, it pretty much is me! I love it. You can only have red hair on the free version?"

It made me really happy because a) she said she loved it! b) she said she wanted to change hair! I feel like the global consciousness is finally starting to kick in the fashion world since 2004 when I started all of this mobile and fashion technology as a model from my Paris bedroom in the Marais. Finally, girls like Thilda are starting to take interest in making avatars, mobile, and web 2.0! Thank you Thilda for making my day. You look AWESOME with red hair--why would you want to change?!

Picture 4.png

Australian Exhibition for Randwik Children's Hospital

For Gold Week, the annual fund-raising event for Randwik Children's Hospital, several designers were asked to design some specialty clothing for tiny tots that would be auctioned off in an exhibition at Westfield Mall. I really enjoyed looking at how the big Australian designers customized and made miniature sized clothing in the style and personality of their brand. The whole exhibition I thought was a success as it was very interactive (people had to place bids) and exciting to see the shoppers engrossed in the creations.





The Verve Article about Australia, X|Media|Lab, and

Parmesh was one of the great people that I met at X|Media|Lab in Sydney, where I presented MobileMags and 360Fashion as one of the 16 projects at the 2 days following the Conference. I got the pleasure to take Parmesh on a Sydney Fashion Tour where we went to have a coffee with top Australian fashion designer, Nicola Finetti and I showed him all the great Australian fashion routes and boutiques ending up in Bondi Beach--all be it for a rainstorm monsoon (not unlike in India I imagine). I hope one day to come to India and to be able to experience the India Fashion Week, so getting mentioned in Verve magazine, India's first fashion magazine is already a super top toe in the door!

Parmesh said about me in the article, "But instead of sitting on her laurels, she’s busy building a mobile media empire that includes mobile applications for livestreaming fashion shows and downloadable apps for converting print magazines into their mobile iterations. I met her on the first day of my X Media Lab conference and was instantly impressed."

Finally, someone fashionable who loves beauty and a brain!

Picture 15.png

Fashion Footwear and Beauty Fuses in London


I can truly tell you that London is the place to get bombarded with advertising. It is so in your face that I think the advertising agencies have to be at the top of their game, otherwise their adds would never get noticed and they would fade away into the mush.

However, this concept really jumped out at me. I have seen some crazy shoes in my lifetime but this one really is great. I would really like to know what Matt from Mother Father thinks of them! Could this concept really work?

More West Comes to the East with London Taxis


Coincidentally as I was racing to the airport to go to London, the taxi I hailed...was a London taxi. This is just another example of how Chinese are loving everything western. Not only was it totally enjoyable to fit into the London cab, I really felt like I was in a time-warp caught between two worlds. I wonder what China is going to look like even in 2 years. Would it not be grand if these cabs were everywhere and yet cost the price to take them as a Chinese taxi cab (25rmb ie 2 dollars). Keep dreaming up China's future and it might just be here already.