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Shooting with Zanita

It's 5am and we are all up and sleeping as makeup is being done. I've been waiting for some time to shoot with my model turned photographer friend! Finally she's free and we've got an amazing concept and styling. I'm so happy, even though I'm on perninant snooz as the makeup is being done. More to this story is to come as I actually shot it in Australia three weeks ago. I'm behind on my blogging and now that I'm in Europe I'm doing catch up!







Shooting with Zanita 2

We drove about an hour away and now we are outside getting ready to mer mi fy me. Don't know what that means, well I'm not giving more away because it's a secret! Yes, me, the queen of blogging backstage has been asked by Zanita to keep the concept quiet. So this is all you are getting. What's in my hair? Glicerine! Yes, sticky but it will wash out with water they tell me! Boy after it rained for so many days and weeks in Australia, the sun was so big and bright it was blinding.