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Where: The Global Gallery, 5 Comber Street Paddington, SydneyWhen: 6:30-9PM, Tuesday June the 1st
Open Arts Africa, a non-profit that brings arts education and basic
necessities to orphans in Africa, this event will specifically aim to
raise funds for the children of Cura, Kenya, arts projects, a library,
livestock and a sustainable food program. This
creative and exciting event will feature the works of various artists
and many enticing luxury items for auction and raffle in one of
Sydney's most beautiful art spaces, the Global Gallery in Paddington. Open
Arts Africa was founded by Nicole Fantl in 2008, when she travelled to
Kenya to initiate this volunteer-based arts program and lived at the
orphanage in Cura, a village thirty minutes outside of Nairobi. During
her time there she was able to get to know these 49 wonderful children
and their community as well as identify wider pressing needs within
education, health and nutrition. With an eye towards economic, social
and environmental sustainability, Open Arts Africa aims to address
these basic needs as well as share the myriad benefits of an arts
education with the children of Cura and other orphanages throughout
Africa. Thus providing a holistic approach to inspiring, nurturing and
enhancing the possibilities of children much in need and providing
solutions to help them thrive and prosper now and in the future.Previous benefits for Open Arts Africa have been held at the Soho House in NYC and at Bardot in Hollywood. Tuesday June 1st
at the Global Gallery shall be Sydney’s inaugural benefit event for
Open Arts Africa and promises to be a special evening of art, music and
local benevolence with a far reach to many deserving children.

LA FONERA 2.0 Sort Review

The La Fonera 2.0 is very fast and has many great new features where you can attach a hard drive and then upload videos and more to your favorite social networking sites. Not only that it was much faster than the baby Fon, but still has the great features such as customized page with your website, firewall, and deep firewall configuration. Great for sharing internet safely and use wifi worldwide as you travel! From beggar to Fonero. Share Wifi!
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Ksubi World

I had the pleasure to be invited to the Ksubi house (office) and man was it an inspiring funky space with cool wood furnature and large posters and a grafitti kitchen. If you missed the live strezming 360FASHION did backstage at their show, be sure to see it on line.




Old School Txt

I went to a party with a friend of mine and the space was supercool. The food was good, I love guacamole, and the birthday girl had a old typewriter on the table to let people type her a message! Innovative concept and man it felt wierd to slam down on the keys after being ised to texting on my n97 mini gold!