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Marnie Skillings Show


Today's show was Marnie Skillings and we were transported backwards in time to 1930's Australia in the Botanical Gardens oldest greenhouse to tea parties on the lawns and badminton. The shoes were vintage men's and even Marnie sacrificed her own favorite pair for the runway. An eclectic mix of horizontal stripes with pastel muted tones, puffy flower textured sleeves, bright caps, and my favorite was the puff-ball flower accessories dangling off of everything.

Photo by wendell teodoro


Justine Davis Presentation

The Justine Davis presentation was an interesting mix of warrior woman and fairy femininity. With strong jewellery pieces combined with electric blue, and steel greys, an amazon queen herself, Justine Davis, ties it all together with indian metal beading. The models struck strong poses and wiere lined up on round podiums with their hair braided into crowns. True queens ready for the taking.




Tiger - Movie by Beaufourt - DVD Launch Sydney, Australia


The movie TIGER was shot by Beaufort films on location in Tokyo. Its a love story set in the Tokyo modelling scene and addresses the issues that we models face of falling in love while on a contract and having to deal with long distance relationships. The director, James, a model who not only directed the film, but acted in it, and who has a great band, had the DVD launch in the King's Cross, Sydney, Australia. I'm very grateful for the the shout out he gave to me at the event for the help I've been giving him in promoting the film. The film is excellent, and I was very happy to attend. The evening was an awesome event with live bands, DVD sales, inter-spliced with a special clip from the film.

Anina358 & James / Beaufort Films

The event kicked off with a live band performance by James's band (does one get any more creative?) with the room packed and everyone dancing.


His band was totally excellent electro 80's made modern by James's band.

Lots of fashion models showed up, including the lovely Bec who played in the movie, and several of Sydney's "it" girls took time out from fittings to support the DVD Launch.



It was great to see such a turnout and support from the industry for this great film. Check out the trailer and be sure to buy a DVD while supplies last and sales are online. Live Streaming Dan Jones SS2010 Fashion Show April 25th 2010

I will be live streaming on our  360Fashion LIVE! application Sunday, April 25th, 2010 starting at 5:30pm, Sydney, Australia time ( I hope you can join me on Sunday on the facebook application, comment and share with the facebook chat box. You can also join in the conversation under the video, if you are not on facebook (who's not on facebook). I'd love to kick off the fashion week in a multimedia way!

Picture 19.png


I'm so excited for the Rosemount Fashion Week SS 2010. I'm kicking it off by modelling for young, up and coming designer, Dan Jones. He's really amazing and his attention to detail is excellent. I got my friend Jess that you all know from China also booked on the job, and we will be live streaming it on the 360Fashion facebook application

The Show time is at 7:45 pm Australia time, but we'll be there from 3pm! So check to figure out your time and please tune in on facebook and comment with us! I'm very excited to launch the Rosemount Fashion Week 2010 with the Dan Jones Collection and very pleased to be featured in this campaign. We even made a mobile mag, so please stay tuned and download it to your mobile. The more downloads we have, the more we can show to the fashion industry the power of the mobile. Thank you for your support.

Official dan jones SS 2010 Invite (front).jpg

Official dan jones SS 2010 Invite (back).jpg

Castings are in Motion

Sydney is buzzing up and the castings are getting competative. The shoes are high but not as high as China and Paris. Lining up at the door I feel a bit left out cuz Sydney is not like other cities where there are model hang outs or places where the fashion industry socialise--at lease not that I know of. So when I'm here in line I don't know anyone. I wore my big necklace but one girl said I should take it off as it would be hard for the designer to picture me in their clothes. In hinsight I think it was a mistake. I've always got my success by being different. I should have stayed true to myself instead of feeling insecure in a non familiar ambience. Hard to keep your self identity when you are surrounded by tons of people who all know eachother. A momentary lapse in confidence can cost you the casting. smiling and keeping confident in you inner power is what radiates out! Remember that girls no matter what your industry!