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My Composite Card at Vivien's

Each and every market a model enters is different. The culture dictates what people like to wear as much as the weather. In Sydney, there is no real winter season, so the money making seasons are in the summer months. The clearly shoot outdoors a lot as they have excellent weather year 'round, with studio shootings too of course. I'm not sure that they have a lot of "high fashion" as I have not seen anyone walking around like they do in New York. Maybe if you work in an office. I heard that Melbourne is more european in style, having trams and living inland more where it is cooler. I hope I get to go to Melbourne and see what it is like. Sydney is beautiful, I can't imagine other equally as beautiful places.

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Bondi Markets Finds

Markets are not only a place where you can find good finds but also a way for small brands to reach customers. I spotted some good tech styles and some good quality hand made underwear. It reminded me of the zoo market in many ways where small brands have stalls and even small showrooms.






Spunky Bruiser Techno Brand

Spunky Bruiser is a brand that jumped off the hangers as I walked through the Bondi Markets. I fell in love with the hand painted pacman purses. The collection is designed by a boyfriend and girlfriend team. They also had some hand embroidered jackets with asian influence that would sell all over the world. Every girl who dreams of tech should have a purse designed by Spunky Bruiser.




Spunky Bruiser Pacman Purse

I fell in love with this purse by Spunky Bruiser. I would have loved to buy it and wear it to my tech conferences. It would make Steve Gilmore laugh and raise many comments from the likes of Marc Canter. I'm sure Paolo V. and his wife would chuckle. It's funny how fashion can make you feel. There are items and colors that jump out at us reflecting our mood for the day. Every item we buy communicates pictorially our personalities. Fashion is the biggest tool to express yourself. I'd love this bag because it would help me communicate or give the image of tech and fashion.


Secret Beaches in Sydney

My friends celebrated the birthday of their friend by going to a secret beach and having a barbique. The view was of the harbor and the water calm. As the sun set we sang happy birthday to the birthday girl. How beautiful on your birthday to be surrounded by the beach, food, and friends.





Iceberg Rock Workout

I promised myself by coming here to Oz I would get physically stronger. I found a fun way to rock out and dance in the pool at Iceberg's Pool, the hottest place in Bondi to hang out and get fit. Only problem was it attracted a lot of male spectators. I'm not sure if they were watching me cuz I was dancing like a lunatic or if the crowd was there for my bikini. Hope it was the bikini!